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  1. Simon Harris: Political Correspondent

Skyscraper project 'accidentally' leaked by Mayor

Chinese developer Greenland Group is buying Wandsworth's Ram Brewery project for £600m. Greenland is also planning a new skyscraper for Canary Wharf - taller than 1 Canada Square.

. Credit: Press Association

Canary Wharf project was "accidentally" leaked by London Mayor Boris Johnson - the announcement is not due for several weeks.

Plans to build new skyscraper at Canary Wharf


Thousands of tomatoes hurled in London food fight

Thousands of tomatoes were hurled around Canary Wharf today, to recreate the famous Spanish food fight, La Tomatina. The event is usually held in the town of Bunol in Spain, where people from all corners of the world join in. Today, London had a go. Here's the end result.

Man ends up covered in tomatoes in Canary Wharf Credit: PA Wire/Mission Deli Wraps
Dozens of workers hurled thousands of tomatoes Credit: PA Wire/Mission Deli Wraps
At the original event in Spain, up to 50,000 people take part Credit: PA Wire/Mission Deli Wraps
A usually clean cut part of London, ends up in a mess Credit: PA Wire/Mission Deli Wraps

"Nightriders" cycle through London under moonlight for charity

A massive 4000 cyclists have taken part in nighttime 100km charity bikeride. While the capital slept they collectively raised over £2.5 million in one nightfor hundreds of charities. The annual Nightrider London moonlit cycle challenge took place yesterday and was bigger than ever before.

Cyclistsset off from Alexandra Palace or Crystal Palace and followed a 100km route pastdozens of London’s most famous streets and iconic landmarks.

Highlights included a deserted City of London, the bright lights of Canary Wharf, dawn over the Houses of Parliament and panoramic moonlit views from Alexandra Palace.

Nightrider was organised by leading charitytour operator Classic Tours in partnership with Capital FM and Virgin MoneyGiving

Boring machine arrives at Canary Wharf station

Artists impression of the new Crossrail station at Canary Wharf as the projects celebrates its biggest milestone.

A milestone in a £14.8 billion rail scheme was reached today with the breakthrough of a 1,000-tonne tunnel boring machine.

Named Elizabeth, the machine broke through 90ft down at the new Canary Wharf station in London which is being created as part of the Crossrail project.

With its sister machine, Victoria, Elizabeth is creating more than five of the 26 miles of tunnelling beneath central London that are being dug for Crossrail.

The 73-mile long route runs from Maidenhead in Berkshire in the west, through London to Shenfield in Essex in the east.

Passing through 37 stations, Crossrail will be ready by 2018.

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