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LBC celebrates 40th birthday

London Mayor Boris Johnson was invited to the LBC studio in Leicester Square in July. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Talk radio station, LBC, is celebrating its 40th birthday.

The all-news London Broadcasting Company (LBC) went on air 7 October, 1973, as the UK's first commercial radio station.

It was followed a week later by Capital Radio.

LBC will celebrate its anniversary with a series of special programmes and guests. in surprise birthday radio appearance appeared at the radio studios with a USB stick in his mouth. As you do. Credit: 95.8 Capital FM surprised radio producers by appearing at the studios of Capital radio in Leicester Square. He had a USB stick in his mouth, containing some new songs, one of which was then played.

Will said it was his birthday, and that he'd been up all night. Here is a transcript of the bemused presenters' interview with him:

Dave: "What haveyou got dangling from your mouth, Will?"

Will: "A USB stick."

Dave: "And what ison said USB stick?"

Will:"Some songs that I just finished awhile ago…"

Lisa: "Have youjust come from the studio?"

Will: "No, yesterday I had a birthday dinner. We just had some dinner and I'm on a soup and salad diet so I just had some soup and salad…. Today is actually my birthday. Everybody was like, 'Let's have a party!'

I don't like celebrating my birthday, I don't like having parties, so I was like, why don't we just have some dinner, have some soup and salad and then not go to sleep and then hang out at the Capital FM lobby?

That was what we wanted to do. I think that's a good way to start my birthday, just go down to Capital FM, I swear to you… So that's what we did. We haven't slept, I haven't slept. We were up, chatting at the hotel. We were like, let's go by Capital and play some music. That would be fresh."

(Dave & Lisa then played his new track — '#ThatPower' featuring Justin Bieber)

Will: "We recorded that during The Brits. So were watching The Brits , recording that at Metropolis. Actually, we went shopping first. We were like, 'Hey, let's just have a chilled day.'

We went shopping for shoes, then after that, we went to the studio, watched The Brits, then recorded that and then trucked off to watch Justin Timberlake perform. So that was a pretty full day."