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Landslide house: Ex-police officer faces financial ruin

The house in Torquay was left teetering on a cliff edge. Credit: ITV News

The retired police officer is facing financial ruin after she bought her dream home in Torquay at auction just a week before a landslide left it on a cliff edge.

Sue Diamond made a telephone bid of £154,500 for the house in February 2010, without viewing it.

But eight days after the auction, a landslide left the 1930s house just 50 yards from a drop into the sea, and signalled the start of a lengthy legal battle.

Since then, she has been engaged in a legal war with the builder who sold it to her, Matthew Taylor, who has been reduced to living in a caravan while the dispute has dragged on.

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Olympian to christen lifeboat

Greg Searle won bronze in the men's 8 in the London 2012 Olympics. Credit: Team GB Handout.

Olympic rowing medallist Greg Searle will take part in a ceremony today to officially name one of Chiswick Lifeboat Station's newest lifeboats.

The vessel, named 'Dougie and Donna B', was funded by a bequest to the RNLI by south-east London couple Douglas and Rosemary Battams.


Mother speaks out after son's Inquest

The mother of baby Tommy Hollis, who died when a lamppost crushed him in his buggy, spoke outside the Inquest into his death. A Jury ruled his death was an accident.

“We came here knowing it would be an extremely challenging time for us. However, we did not expect our upset and anguish to be compounded by what we feel was the coroner's decision to exclude from consideration questions and evidence that might lead us to better understand how our son, Tommy, was killed in February 2010.

“We feel let down that crucial witnesses were not called or declined to answer questions. In particular, Kelvin Elmore, who cut the plate, chose not to give evidence and explain to the Court, in person, why he did what he did.

– Kate Hollis, mother of Tommy Hollis

“Also, Hounslow Borough Council, under whose control these works were carried out, have been notably absent from these proceedings.

“We would also like know why there was no engineer on site at or around the time of the cut to the lamp post when it was apparent that the job was becoming more complicated; and how no one realised that the plate was connected to the lamp post despite it being so close.

“We know that nothing will bring back Tommy but we hope that by continuing to try to find the answers this court failed to find, nothing like it can ever happen again.”

– Kate Hollis, mother of Tommy Hollis
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