The scene of the fire.

Woman dies in Chiswick fire

A women has died following a flat fire in west London, despite attempts to save her.

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Lamp post baby: latest from inquest

Workers on the construction site where a lamp post fell, fatally injuring a baby boy, were "under pressure" to get the job done quickly, an inquest heard today.

A steel cable supporting the lamp post was inadvertently severed during the excavation works.

Tommy Hollis suffered head injuries when his pram was hit by the falling structure in Chiswick in 2010. Sangeeta Kandola reports from the hearing.


Baby Inquest - Day 2

An inquest into the death of a baby who was struck by a falling lamppost will continue today.

Tommy Hollis died just before his first birthday after a lamppost fell on to his pram.

He was being pushed by his nanny when the lamppost fell on to another woman immediately in front of them.

It then collapsed directly on to Tommy.

It happened at the site of a road re-widening scheme in Chiswick, west London, on the morning of February 23, 2010.

Inquest into death of lamppost baby hears from nanny

The inquest into the death of baby Tommy Hollis who was struck by a falling lamppost in Chiswick in February 2010 has heard from the nanny who was pushing his pram when the incident happened.

Anna Martin told the court she was waiting to cross the road when the lamppost fell.

She gave Tommy CPR and managed to get him breathing again. The baby was rushed to hospital but died two days later of a head injury.

The inquest is being held at West London Coroner's Court and is expected to last for three days.

Construction worker tells inquest he wishes he could take place of dead baby

Tommy Hollis was killed in Chiswick just short of his first birthday Credit: PA

An inquest into the death of baby Tommy Hollis, who was killed by a falling lamppost in Chiswick opened this morning.

He died just short of his first birthday after he was fatally injured when the lamppost fell on to his pram.

This morning the inquest has heard from a construction worker who said he had cut the steel anchoring the lamppost that fell on the baby. He told the inquest he regrets ever working at the site. "If I could take the place of that child I would."

The paramedic who lifted Tommy Hollis out of his pram said his main concern was a head injury from the falling lamppost. The inquest continues.


Neighbours tried to save woman from fire

Residents in Chiswick heard screams coming from the flat of a disabled woman, as the property was engulfed in flames.

Neighbour Toni Simonovski was among those who tried to save her, carrying her out of the flat.

Paramedics spent over an hour trying to revive the victim, but it's thought she had been overcome by fumes. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Toni Simonovski talks to reporter Phil Bayles.

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