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Huhne's daughter left 'shaken up' after getting into non-licensed cab

There has been so much publicity around my family and it's been negative, so I wanted to use this horrible experience to raise awareness and turn it into something positive.

That's the first time I had ever used a non-licensed cab. However close you are to home, however safe you feel, you must never get in those cars. They are just touters.

I feel quite lucky that nothing really serious happened, I'm pretty shaken up by the whole event.

– Lydia Huhne

Daughter of former Cabinet minister headbutts attacker

The daughter of former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne has decribed how she fought off a cab driver who tried to sexually assault her. 24-year-old Lydia Huhne headbutted the driver after he locked the doors of the car, climbed into the back and touched her face and breast.

Former Cabinet Minister, Chris Huhne Credit: Press Association

Today Lydia Huhne, who co-runs a theatre company, called for all children to be taught self-defence.

She said: "I really do think it's important that self-defence is taught in schools. If it wasn't for me having done fight scenes in plays I wouldn't have ever thought about headbutting.

"Luckily nothing really happened because I reacted fast. If another person had got in the car and hadn't had training it could have resulted in something much more dire."