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Labour's Len Duvall slams Greenhalgh apology

The statement made by Stephen Greenhalgh is absurd. If he didn't do anything wrong why did he apologise? It looks like something did happen and Boris Johnson needs to get to the root of this immediately.

It is completely unacceptable that someone in such a senior position cannot recollect whether such a serious incident occurred only a few weeks ago.

Regardless of whether a formal complaint is made or not this needs investigating. This is a serious matter that needs urgent clarification. If it remains unclear or unresolved then he should step down.

I understand that this has been going on for four weeks, we need to know who knew what and when in the Mayor's Office, Boris needs to establish what has been going on.

– Leader of the Labour Group on the London Assembly, Len Duvall AM


Labour demands investigation into Greenhalgh claims

Stephen Greenhalgh apology after lift claims

Mayor Boris Johnsons's policing chief has apologised after claims he inappropriately touched a female City Hall worker in lift.

"I have no recollection of this event, and I understand no Complaint has been made.

Non the less I'd like to apologise unreservedly for anything that could be, or may have been, construed as inappropriate behaviour on my part."

– Stephen Greenhalgh

The member of staff concerned has made it clear she does not wish to pursue the matter further.

She has also reiterated that she does not wish to make a complaint. The GLA has of course worked closely with the her at all times in accordance with it's proper procedures.

– The Mayor's Spokesman


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