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Thousands to join austerity protest in London

Thousands are expected to march through the streets of London later to protest against austerity.

The Government faces its first big public protest since the election with politicians, union leaders and celebrities expected to join the demonstration.

Organisers say the protest will be the biggest event of its kind for years, with people travelling across the UK to march from the City of London to Westminster, where a rally will be held.

City jobs rise

City workers Credit: Philip Toscano/PA Wire

The number of new jobs created in the City of London increased by a third last month to more than 4,000.

New figures said the jobs boost followed strong financial results in the first quarter of the year by major US and European investment banks.

City of London jobs boost

The City of London Credit: PA

More than three thousand new jobs were created in the City of London this month. That's 25% more than in March last year according to new figures.

According to the recruitment firm Astbury Marsden the rise was down to investment banks increasing their numbers of technology staff and an increase in mergers and acquisitions.


Biker stopped in his tracks by police on horseback after they catch him pulling a wheelie

A biker who thought he'd got away with pulling a wheelie in the square mile was given a dressing down by mounted police officers who caught him red handed.

The rider recorded the whole event on a head camera, which shows him speeding through a 20 mile an hour zone in the middle of the City only to be stopped by an officer who rides his horse into the middle of the road.

When the motorcyclist protests the policeman is having none of it, telling him "I ride one of them - don't give me any of your old flannel".

The biker then asks if he should turn the camera off, to which the police officer replies "No, leave it on - then you can show your friends the big telling off you got from the policeman on the horse".

The biker shared the video on YouTube, where it has now clocked up more than 34,000 hits.

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