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London 'sewage' flood: 'it's a little like Somerset'

Firefighters wading through murky water at the scene of the Clapham road, south London flood Credit: ITV News/Tom Calverley

A burst water main has caused flooding in south London, closing a major road. Reports suggested sewage was pouring into people's homes as a result

Local resident, Angela Reynolds, 58, said: "The road has been made into a river. It's a bit like Somerset.The water is revolting, brown, muddy - well I hope it's mud.

The water just flooded the road in 10 minutes. It was quite incredible."

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Major London road closed as 'sewage' floods homes

An image from ITV News correspondent Tom Calverley shows the murky water in south London. Credit: ITV News/Tom Calverley

A major London road was closed by the emergency services after homes were flooded with sewage as a result of a burst main.

There were reports that residents were being evacuated from their homes on Clapham Road, Kennington in South London after being trapped by the filthy water.

A policeman at the scene told onlookers "It's sewage. It's stinky. It's gone into people's basements

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "There is flooding on Clapham Road between Oval and Stockwell stations, which has been caused by a suspected burst water pipe.

"We are asking people to avoid the area."

Neither the fire service or police force could confirm or deny whether it was sewage causing the problem.


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