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Conviction for murder 13 years ago

A man has been convicted of a muder that took place in Brixton 13 years ago. Dialo Hall, 33, who is of no fixed abode, was found guilty today of the murder of 27-year-old Dennis Cowan in October 2000.

A Detective Chief Inspector said the conviction is an example of the commitment of the Metropolitan Police, to find people responsible for violent crime, no matter how much time has passed, or how far a suspect is willing to flee.


Police: 'Time has not diminished the shocking nature of this crime'

Police are appeal for fresh information to help solve the murder of Debbie Linsley.

She was stabbed to death on a train travelling from Orpington to London Victoria in 1988.

Twenty five years on from the murder of Debbie Linsley, an innocent woman on a train in broad daylight, we are still hopeful that the murderer can be caught.

The passage of time has not diminished the shocking nature of this crime; it has just made it harder to bear for her loved ones, when justice has not been achieved.

We still believe there are people out there with information that could be vital to a breakthrough in the case.

I would urge those people to call us. I can assure them that they will be dealt with sensitively

– Detective Chief Inspector Chris Burgess, Head of Specialist Crime Review Group

25 year-old cold case sparked back to life


25th anniversary of brutal train murder

Police have re-opened an investigation into a murder that happened 25 years ago.

Debbie Linsley was brutally murdered in 1988 whilst she was travelling on a train from Orpington to London Victoria.

Debbie Linsley was brutally murdered on the Victoria line in 1988

The murder shocked the nation, but the killer was never caught.

However, detectives announced a DNA breakthrough that could identify the murderer.

They have resubmitted bloodstains from the murder scene to the Forensic Science Service which, using sensitive, new techniques, has pinpointed the killer's "genetic fingerprint".