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Small Businesses Federation calls for Congestion Charge reform

The Small Businesses Federation has called for 'root and branch' reform of the Congestion Charge.

They say the charge- which TFL plans to increase this year- is effectively tax on small businesses, not a way of controlling congestion.

They say the congestion charge should stay the same while a new review is carried out - which should consider major changes such as creating a one free car pass for small businesses.

However, London First, a non-profit business organisation, say their members accept not only the existence of the charge but that it has to increase in order to keep more traffic off the roads and improve the capital.


Britain's ten most congested roads are all in London

Traffic jams in London are getting worse, with each of Britain's top 10 most congested roads in the capital. New research shows a big jump in wasted hours during the London commute, rising from 72 hours in 2012 to 82 hours last year. These are the top ten most congested roads:

  • 1) A4, Central London to the M4
  • 2) A4, M4 to Central London
  • 3) A215, Camberwell to the Croydon turnoff
  • 4) A217, Morden to Chelsea
  • 5) A1/A1(M), Finchley to Barbican
  • 6) A23, Croydon to Westminster Bridge Road
  • 7) A205, Catford to Woolwich Ferry
  • 8) A41, Central London to M1
  • 9) A12, Stratford to M25
  • 10) A406, Chiswick Roundabout to Neasden Junction

Source: Inrix

Radical reduction in customers changed 'exorbitant fee'

We have taken further action with Google which means the removal of misleading advertisements for congestion charge payments from Google.

This has radically reduced the number of customers who have fallen victim to exorbitant fees for so-called additional services that either don't exist or are already provided by TfL for free.

We will keep the situation under continuous review and are also urgently examining other ways in which we can protect our customers from unofficial sites.

Our advice remains that customers should only ever use our official website to pay the Congestion Charge.

– Garrett Emmerson, TfL’s Chief Operating Officer for Surface Transport

Misleading congestion charge ads removed from Google

Transport for London says misleading adverts for congestion charge sites have been removed from the search pages of Google. ITV News London first highlighted how 1,000 people a day were charged more than the regular amount by paying through unofficial websites.

. Credit: Press Association

The websites claimed they were providing "additional services", but TFL said those services were "non-existent".


Your views: 'Read the small print' on unofficial congestion charge websites

Join the debate about unofficial websites that charge extra when customers pay for services such as the congestion charge. Tweet us @itvlondon or go to our Facebook page.

Robbie Dee A friend works on one of these websites. And people do not read the small print on anything. People are to quick to click. If you were to read up first you would not pay more. They are providing are service.

Your views: Unofficial websites charging extra

You've been telling us about your experiences of using unofficial websites. Tweet us your views @itvlondon or go to our Facebook page.

Louise Phokou Not this site but just got a passport, on the first Google search page for "passport renewal" the top website charges £72.50 for "checking" you filled in the form correctly! Have written to Google but it's still there.

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