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Londoners believe congestion will worsen

Most Londoners reckon congestion is going to worsen in their city over the next five years.

As many as 40% of the 1,055 adults polled said congestion would increase a lot, while 38% believed it would increase a little.

The most popular solution, but with only 29% support, was for a higher congestion charge during the rush hour.

Respondents were split down the middle in terms of whether they should pay a toll to fund new bridges/tunnels in East London across the Thames to ease congestion, with 46% in favour and 43% against.

There were also strong objections to crossings near proposed bridges/tunnels that are currently free for motorists - such as the Blackwall Tunnel - also being subject to a toll to avoid potential delays caused by people switching to toll-free options close by, with 32% in favour and 54% against.


TfL denies slow roads figures

Transport for London has said the results of a survey into traffic speeds during the morning rush hour are "plain wrong". The survey by a GPS company found that vehicles travelled at just 0.08mph during the rush hour on Jamaica Road in Southwark.

“TfL does not recognise these figures, which are obviously just plain wrong. In fact, we’re investing to smooth traffic flow and improve drivers’ journeys, including new traffic signal technology at more than 1,500 sites across London."

– Leon Daniels, TfL's Managing Director of Surface Transport