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Boris Johnson's lead narrows

The latest tally of votes in the London mayoral election still shows Boris Johnson ahead of his Labour candidate - but the gap has narrowed.

The table below shows the first-choice votes counted so far across London.

The tally so far. Credit: London Elects.

It looks like the contest will be decided by second-preference votes - as no one candidate is likely to secure 50 percent in the first round.

Labour overtake Conservatives in London Assembly tally

Labour has pulled ahead of the Conservatives, as the counting of votes in the London Assembly elections continues.

The following graph shows the results of the ballot papers counted so far for the London-wide seats on the assembly.

It does not represent the final allocation of London-wide seats - that will be calculated using these results and the results of the constituency contests.

The tally so far. Credit: London Elects.
The tally so far. Credit: London Elects.
The tally so far. Credit: London Elects.

Bookies pay out early on a Boris Johnson victory

Boris Johnson has been the bookie's favourite since the market opened in 2008. Credit: Conservative Party.

A bookmakers is paying out early on a victory for Boris Johnson in tomorrow's mayoral election.

Paddy Power says that it's "waved the chequered flag" after Boris Johnson became a "1/12 winner".

In the 24 hours before they began the pay-out, 94% of money taken was for the Conservative candidate.

The company will also refund all outright bets on Brian Paddick, after taking just 12 wagers on the Liberal Democrat candidate.

Spokesman Darren Haines said: "The betting suggests Boris is returning to City Hall. People might say one thing in opinion polls but they are rarely anything but brutally honest when parting with their own hard-earned cash."

But the bookmakers haven't always made the right call. Back in February, they paid out early on Harry Redknapp becoming the next England manager.

In total, there are seven candidates running in the election for Mayor of London on May 3rd.

In the order that they will appear on the ballot paper, they are:

Siobhan Benita (Independent)

Carlos Cortiglia (BNP)

Boris Johnson (Conservative)

Jenny Jones (Green)

Ken Livingstone (Labour)

Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrat)

Lawrence James Webb (UKIP)