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'Bedroom Tax' protests expected around Britain

Protests are expected to take place in 53 towns and cities today. Credit: PA

A series of protests are due to take place across the country today against plans to cut benefits for social housing tenants who are considered to be living in a house which is too big for their needs.

Under the Government plans, social housing tenants deemed to have a spare bedroom stand to have their housing benefit cut from next month.

Protests against the so-called 'Bedroom Tax' are expected to take in 53 towns and cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast and Glasgow.


Post offices to provide police services

Post Offices are to trial a scheme to provide police services, as 65 police front desks face closure. The Met plan to sell 200 buildings, including New Scotland Yard, to save £500 million a year.

Deputy Mayor Stephen Greenhalgh said that the force is in early discussions to set up the pilot which will be introduced in 6 month's time. He said Post Office staff are ideal because they are security cleared, used to taking cash and some post offices also have secure rooms.

What we propose to do at this stage, and we are in very early discussions with the Post Office, is to pilot something, to test something out, and to only expand that if it works.

But in theory Post Offices could provided a fixed point on the high street, with some branding with the Metropolitan Police Service, where you could potentially bring your lost property, if you need to produce identification, if there's a licence that you need to go to a police station for you could maybe do that in a Post Office. And even very simple crime reporting potentially could be done.

– Stephen Greenhalgh, Deputy Mayor

Cutting burglary squads included in plans to save £500 million


Dead soldiers' parents in London demonstration

Parents to march in Ministry of Defence cuts demonstration Credit: PA

Parents of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan are to take part in protests up and down the country against plans to reduce the size of the army.

A protest is due to be held at the cenotaph in central London.

Demonstrations are also expected to be held at war memorials in cities including Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester on July 24th. The demonstrations have been organised by Dee Edwards, who set up the group Protest Against Ministry of Defence cuts.

On Thursday it was announced that the army will be cut from 102,000 to 82,000 personnel.

Dee said: "What the MoD are doing is completely wrong."What happens to all of these thousands of people when they are made redundant - how many more ex-soldiers are going to end up on the streets?

We will be holding the protests at 11am, the same time as Armistice Day is marked, to remember all the soldiers' lives who have been lost and to think about all the ones that could die in action in the future."

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