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MPs investigating cycling safety accused of 'not knowing basic facts'

Former Olympic cycling champion Chris Boardman says MPs investigating cycling safety should be "embarrassed by their performance" during their Select Committee hearing.

Chris Boardman seen with London Mayor, Boris Johnson Credit: Press Association

Chris Boardman is British Cycling's policy adviser and claims MPs on the House of Commons Transport Committee showed they "didn't even know the most basic of facts".

The committee is taking evidence following the spate of cyclist accidents which led to the deaths of six cyclists in London during a two-week period last month.


Mayor praises cyclists' 'targeted operation'

Tonight, more than 1, 000 cyclists and drivers lay sprawled across the road outside Transport for London's headquarters, at a protest against dangerous traffic conditions. London Mayor Boris Johnson praised them for drawing attention to road safety in the capital. He said:

"This targeted operation has been hugely effective at raising awareness of road safety among motorists and cyclists.

"This is a balanced operation reminding everyone of their duty to take care of each other while out on the roads, and I hope the figures put to rest concerns by some groups that they are being singled out."

– London Mayor Boris Johnson

1, 000 turn out for cyclist vigil

More than 1,000 cyclists lay sprawled across a Southwark road this evening in a protest against dangerous traffic conditions. Dubbed a "die-in", protesters blocked roads outside the Transport for London headquarters as part of a vigil for six cyclists killed in the capital this month.

The demonstration saw riders spread across Blackfriars Road with their bikes strewn around them, while others held candles in tribute to the latest spate of casualties.


#diein protest for safer roads outside tfl in London tonight. Congrats to all involved.

Cycling campaigners hail mass 'die in' at TfL HQ


Hundreds turn out for 'Stop The Killing' cyclist protest

Hundreds of cyclists have gathered outside the headquarters of Transport for London calling for safer streets for cyclists. The Stop The Killing of Cyclists demonstration has closed Blackfriars Road, in Southwark.

Hundreds take part in 'die-in' Credit: ITV London
Protesters demonstrate against the recent spate of deaths on London roads. Credit: ITV London
Fourteen people have died so far this year. Credit: ITV London

Goodwill 'may be nervous' as a London cycling virgin

Cycling Minister Robert Goodwill has urged cyclists to position themselves positively on the roads and make sure vehicle drivers know their intentions. Mr Goodwill cycled around the capital today, finding:

I didn't feel in danger at any time - I do cycle in London but I think if I was a London cycling virgin I would have been a little bit nervous, possibly.

When we came out of Kings Cross, we got on to some quite good segregated routes, some quiet routes I didn't even know existed. We went down Royal College Street where they have spent a lot of money... I thought that was fine and I felt safe.

There was a bizarre one in Southwark where I went across the road and there was a cycle lane coming the other way, but the cycle lane on our side started three metres later and then it was on a footpath.

Cycling minister criticises the capital's road markings

The Cycling Minister said today he saw both very good and very bad infrastructure on a ride around the capital but denied he felt in danger at any time.

Robert Goodwill spent an hour cycling around London, from Kings Cross to Westminster via Camden, Southwark and Lambeth.

But Mr Goodwill criticised confusing road markings and bike lanes in Southwark, after venturing south of the Thames on his Brompton folding bicycle, joined by Department for Transport aides.

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