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Olympic champion defends Boris Johnson over cycling

Olympic cycling champion Chris Boardman has ridden to the defence of Boris Johnson over cycling safety.

Chris Boardman cycling with Boris Johnson through central London Credit: Press Association

Chris Boardman, who is British Cycling's policy adviser, said:

"I don't want to join in with this 'Boris bashing'. Boris is the only person who had the guts to do something about cycling in London. Boris said he was actually going to put money into cycling in the capital. He appointed Andrew Gilligan as cycling commissioner.

"I have a lot of time for Boris and Andrew. Boris has a really tough job. Cyclists are vulnerable and it's tough cycling round the capital. All road-users must obey the rules of the road. It makes me mad to see cyclists behaving badly on the road."


Your views: Should cyclists stop using headphones?

You've been telling if you think cyclists should be banned from wearing headphones. Tweet us @itvlondon or go to our Facebook page.

Martin Webb Whats the difference in a car driver blaring out music then? They can't hear other traffic either, but that's ok is it?

David Cavanagh while we are at it, ban all car users throwing out load music in their cars, its disturbing and not wanted on our streets.

Robert Dallenger Finally Boris says something I agree with, but the headphone ban shouldn't be just for cyclists, it should be for ALL road users.

MPs to hear evidence on safety, training & enforcement

The Transport Committee wants to hear views on:

  • Whether cycling is safe, particularly in towns and cities
  • What central and local Government could do to improve cycling safety
  • Ideas could include better training and advice for drivers and cyclists, better enforcement of the law applying to drivers and cyclists, and better vehicle and road infrastructure
  • Whether it would be feasible to segregate cyclists from other road users

Transport Committee joins debate over cycle safety

The House of Commons Transport Committee will hear evidence on cycle safety on December 2. The committee's chairman Louise Ellman said:

"Many of these casualties involve large vehicles, especially HGVs, and there is now debate about whether they should be banned from city centres at peak times. This will have consequences for businesses which need to be assessed.

"There is also debate about the behaviour of drivers and cyclists and whether more can be done to promote compliance with the law."

The committee will also examine the safety of London's Cycle Superhighways Credit: Press Association

Your views: Should cyclists stop wearing headphones?

You've been telling us if you agree with Boris Johnson after he described cyclists who wear headphones an 'absolute scourge'. Should cyclists stop wearing headphones? Tweet us @itvlondon or go to our Facebook page.

Karen Stambrovskis: How would that be policed, then? Best just to build proper, separated, cycle lanes for everyone's safety and stop playing the blame-game.

Claire Edwards: Yes I nearly run one over yesterday because he didn't hear my car and just went in the road without looking. Then us car drivers get the blame.

Emma Hall: Ban them from wearing head phones make them wear high viz tops and tax them for using the roads.


Cyclists should 'take more responsibility' for own safety

One of London's most senior police officers says cyclists should take more responsibility for their own safety. Chief Superintendent Glyn Jones said while he didn't want to single anyone out for blame, cyclists were at an obvious disadvantage on the roads.

Bow roundabout in east London which has seen a number of accidents involving cyclists Credit: Press Association

Chief Superintendent Glyn Jones said: "I think the more vulnerable you are, the more careful you need to be - even if the law is on your side. It is no comfort to a grieving family, but yes, the more vulnerable you are, the more care you need to take.

"I'm not saying they're doing anything wrong. What I am saying is if you approach a junction and there's an HGV, it might be more prudent to hang back than try to overtake the HGV on the inside."

Cyclists who use headphones are 'absolute scourge'

Boris Johnson has called cyclists who use headphones while riding on London's roads an "absolute scourge". London's Mayor says he would support a ban.

I'm very alarmed about cyclists wearing headphones. I would not be against a prohibition or ban on cyclists wearing headphones.

Call me illiberal but it makes me absolutely terrified to see them bowling along unable to hear the traffic.

– Boris Johnson, speaking to BBC London

Police road safety inspections

The Metropolitan Police say over 70 lorries were stopped and checked by Traffic Command officers on Vauxhall Bridge Road, Whitechapel Road and Albert Embankment in a road safety operation today.

In addition around 100 cyclists were stopped and given safety advice by officers from the MPS Safer Transport Command, where there were concerns about their behaviour - for instance cutting corners and wearing headphones while riding.

The operation saw fixed penalty notices issued to lorry drivers for offences including driving too many hours without a break and having vehicles that are not fit for the roads. Cars were also pulled over for offences such as crossing advanced stop lines illegally.

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