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After "The Battle of Dale Farm"

It was branded "The Battle of Dale Farm". Pictures of police in riot gear clearing Europe's biggest illegal site for travellers were seen around the world.

Basildon Council in Essex had spent years to achieve the eviction and reckoned the final bill was £18m.

So why, just 16 months later, has that same council just approved a new travellers' camp less than half a mile away? Rags Martel reports.

Planning permission granted for traveller site in Basildon

Basildon Council has approved a new travellers' camp just 16 months after completing a multi-million pound eviction from the notorious Dale Farm site.

The new camp is less than half a mile away from the farm that was cleared after a very public fight by local residents.

Cllr Tony Ball, the Leader of Basildon Council, told ITV News that each planning application was considered on its individual merits.

Rags Martel has the details.



Dale Farm protesters target Pickles

Eric Pickles MP. Credit: PA

Protesters tried to storm a Government department to mark the first anniversary of the clearance of Europe's largest traveller site.

About 100 people still angered by the eviction of travellers from Dale Farm in Crays Hill, Essex, a year ago staged a demonstration outside the Department for Communities and Local Government offices in central London.

Some demonstrators attempted to gain entry into the building to "evict" the department's secretary Eric Pickles but were restrained on the ground by police.

Eight demonstrators scaled scaffolding outside the building with a banner reading: "Fight for sites."

Dale Farm: Traveller and Councillor speak out

Travellers are protesting about plans to make it easier to move them on on the anniversary of their eviction from Dale Farm in Essex.

A year after he reported on the violent scenes as police cleared the site, our reporter Paul Brand has been back to Dale Farm for an exclusive interview with the traveller Patrick Egan who owns a large part of it.

He says far from turning the land into greenbelt, Basildon Council has transformed it into a toxic wasteland. Paul Brand also spoke to Cllr Tony Ball, Leader of Basildon Council, to get his point of view.

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