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1 in 13 Londoners worried about paying rent this month

If there were 13 people at your bus stop or train platform this morning, it may shock you to know that at least one of them has serious concerns about their ability to pay their rent or mortgage at the end of this month.

New figures released by Shelter have revealed not just worrying levels of debt in the capital but even more worrying levels of denial.

  • More than a third of Londoners say they're expecting to struggle or fall behind with their rent or mortgage over the next 12 months
  • More than one in five say they've not opened post if they thought it was a bill or late payment reminder.
  • And, one in six have even put letters in the bin without opening them.


Why are towns like Croydon so worried about debt?

Croydon and Redhill in Surrey are two of the ten areas in the UK where people are the most worried about money.

The conclusion was drawn by debt management company PayPlan who surveyed 40,000 people.

Many families have seen their budgets squeezed. Some parts of the country are in recovery while other parts are still in decline; but even in more affluent areas if wage increases have not matched the rising cost of living then debt is still a problem.

Many people are struggling to make ends meet, so if mortgage rates rise and gas and electricity prices increase it will push many more people into problem debt.

“The issue is to get people to seek help and not take out more debt as, over time, this only makes matters worse. Once debt is managed then people can get on with their lives.”

– Jason Eaves, Payplan Director

Croydon and Redhill debt hotspots: Facts and figures

Redhill library. Credit: Google Street View

Croydon and Redhill in Surrey are two of the ten areas in the UK where people are the most worried about money.

The research, over the last 12 months, comes from debt management company PayPlan who found out:

The average amount of debt callers had was £83,465.

The amount of debt the company dealt with over the year was £3.4 billion.

Some months there were over 10,000 calls - that is the equivalent to a call for help every 20 seconds.

Redhill town centre. Credit: Google Street View
Bus station in Croydon. Credit: Google Street View
Croydon Library. Credit: Google Street View

Croydon and Redhill: UK's debt-worry hotspots

Map of Croydon. Credit: Google Maps

Croydon and Redhill in Surrey are 2 of the 10 debt-worry hotspots in the UK.

The areas have been identified by postcode analysis from debt management firm PayPlan.

They have created a map using the locations of the 40,000 people seeking help with their debt over the past year.

Jason Eves, PayPlan Director said:

"We know that on average only one in six people with debt problems will seek help.

"Often these people feel isolated and alone and don’t know where to turn.

"What this map clearly shows is the scale of the problem throughout the UK and we want people to be aware that free debt help is available.”

Map of Redhill, Surrey Credit: Google Maps


Croydon is top hotspot for money worries

Tram pulls up in Croydon town centre Credit: PA

Croydon is the place in Britain where people are most likely to worry about mounting debt.

The south London suburb has been identified as the top debt-worry hotspot by PayPlan, a debt management company who surveyed 40,000 people.

Nearby, Redhill in Surrey has also made the list. It is where the fifth highest number of people have sought help for their debt worries.