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Artists mark 'Dog is for Life, not Christmas' campaign

Three of Britain’s best street artists - Jim Vision, Teddy Baden and Barney Zadok - have unveiled a street art collaboration with the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust, designed to take its iconic slogan “A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas” to a wider audience.

The artists were commissioned to create their very own artistic interpretation of the charity’s iconic slogan, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this December.

Street artist Teddy Baden takes the Dogs is for Life, Not Just for Christmas to the streets of Shoreditch Credit: Dogs Trust

With slogans appearing on the streets of London, it is hoped the art will capture the attention of passers-by, reminding them of the slogan’s importance in the run up to Christmas and ultimately stop people from ‘impulse buying’ a dog.

Dog Trust dog Dee Dee takes in street artist Jim Vision's interpretation of the canine's charity. Credit: Dogs Trust


Three dogs 'put to sleep every day' across London

Figures from authorities across London show that three stray dogs are put to sleep every day.

We work very closely with local authorities who should be commended on their efforts to encourage responsible dog ownership.

They do not want to put dogs to sleep but they are struggling to cope with such huge numbers of dogs in a difficult economic climate. Simple steps such as microchipping can help prevent accidental strays.

The fact that more dogs are being reunited with their owners because of microchips is a huge step forward.

– Clarissa Baldwin, Dogs Trust chief executive

Rise in the number of stray dogs across London

The total number of stray dogs in London has gone up from 13,832 in 2012 to 14,004 in 2013. That works out at 38 dogs being picked up every day by Local Authorities.

Today's figures have been released by the Dogs Trust annual stray dog survey
Today's figures have been released by the Dogs Trust annual stray dog survey Credit: Press Association

The results go against the national average which has shown a 6% decrease in the total number of strays collected in the UK.


New dog proposals 'needs some common sense'

Kevin Nugent's dog Orlando was attacked in Wembley last May by a 'dangerous' dog. The owner of the attacking dog carried on walking and disappeared. Orlando was rushed to the vets where they found eight severe puncture wounds to his neck.

Under new government proposals, owners of dangerous dogs could face life in prison.

Watch: Guide dog attacks on the rise as owners could face life

Guide dog attacks on the rise as owners could face life

The owners of killer dogs could face life in prison - a huge leap from the current maximum of two years - under new proposals.

The proposals come as a report published by Guide Dogs in June this year revealed attacks by other dogs on guide dogs are at an all-time high of 10 a month.

Paul Brand reported on an incident involving a dangerous dog in June 2012.

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