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Child assaulted by care worker

Hackney Police have re-released a CCTV image of a woman who is suspected of assaulting a disabled child in her care.

The suspect had care of a four-year-old victim, between 8th March and 9th March 2012 at the victim's home address in Hackney.

CCTV footage shows that the suspect assaulted the victim by hitting him, leaving the boy bruised.

The woman may have used the identity of someone else Credit: Metropolitan Police

The child victim requires 24-hour care and is unable to communicate. His care at the time of the offence was provided by a care agency.

The suspect provided her details to the care agency as Bola Bolatiwa, aged 34. It is known that the suspect used the identity of another woman.

The suspect is described as a black woman, approximately 5ft tall and of heavy build.

Rewards for recycling your rubbish

Rubbish Collection
You could get shopping vouchers for recycling your rubbish Credit: PA

Tens of thousands of households will be given shopping vouchers if they recycle more under a £5 million fund to promote weekly bin collections.

Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles says that people should be rewarded for recycling more instead of being punished with "draconian" fines.

He highlighted a successful pilot scheme in Windsor where the council weighs each household's recycling and rewards them with vouchers for national and local retailers worth up to £135 a year.

It is a myth that fortnightly bin collections or unfair bin fines are needed to increase recycling. Rewards for recycling show how working with families can deliver environmental benefits without the draconian approach of punishing people and leaving out smelly rubbish. This Government is protecting the local environment by supporting recycling, as well as championing weekly collections which protect local amenity and public health. Councils with fortnightly collections will not receive government funding and are short-changing their residents with an inferior service.

– Eric Pickles MP, Communities and Local Government Secretary


Have-a-go hero foils attempted robbery

A delivery driver has been hailed a hero for jumping on a suspected thief during an attempted robbery on armoured security van in Whitechapel.

The have-a-go hero witnessed two robbers on a moped punching a security guard and grabbing a cash box near Algate East station.


just watched an attempted armed robbery thwarted by passers by in aldgate east. guy got a right kicking #ldn

As the robbers tried to getaway, the courier and a colleague jumped out of their van and tackled one of the suspects.

Bystanders watched as the delivery driver pinned him to the floor until police arrived.

The have-a-go hero is described as an Asian man in his twenties. He stayed at the scene where he was congratulated by the watching crowds.


needless to say he's rather incapacitated. police now asking people to stop recording. yeah good luck with that guys


RSPCA investigate shocking dog 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

The RSCPA has launched an investigation after a video of a teenager - who is believed to live in London - has appeared online. The boy is seen thrusting his dog into a bucket of water in an apparent 'Ice Bucket Challenge'.

Some viewers may find this video distressing.

“The aim of the ice bucket challenge is to raise money and awareness for charity - this ‘stunt’ goes against everything it stands for.

Any responsible pet owner would be shocked by this.

It is likely that the puppy in the footage could have been caused distress, if not harm, and we are very concerned that others would think this is appropriate.

Causing unnecessary suffering to an animal is an offence under law and we would strongly urge people not to copy this video.”

– RSPCA spokesperson

The boy reportedly defended himself on Facebook saying, “I’m sorry my dog slipped out my hand.”

Newham 'hardest hit' by cuts

. Credit: ITN

People in Newham are the hardest hit by government spending cuts, according to figures released by the Labour Party today.

Spending power in the borough is said to have fallen by an average of £1002 per household. Second worst-off on the list is Hackney, with a £972 fall.

With some wealthy areas seeing much a much smaller loss of spending power, Shadow Communities Secretary Hilary Benn has accused the coalition government of taking the most from those who have least.


East London doctor aims to beat 92 hour record

Jo training on her bike
Jo training on her bike Credit: Jo Rodda

Jo, from Woodford Green, is a psychiatrist at Victoria Hospital in Romford. She aims to beat the previous record of 92 hours for the gruelling 289 mile continuous triathlon.

Jo has been training hard for the last 6 months and her average training weekend involves six hours swimming, 100 miles on the bike and a 25 mile run.

Jo has some idea of what the event will throw at her, having competed in a 150 mile run through the Sahara Desert.

Her inspiration, friend Simon Malyon, has also managed 180 miles so far on an exercise bike, despite suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

. Credit: Jo Rodda

To follow Jo’s progress and offer words of encouragement along the way, you can tweet her @Jo2Paris4MS.

For more information on the campaign, visit her website.

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