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Cost of living crisis 'number one priority' for Mayor

Ed Miliband has said tackling the cost of living crisis should be the number one priority for any politician in London. Credit: ITV News

Ed Miliband has said tackling the cost of living crisis should be the number one priority for any politician in London.

The Labour leader said the "cost of living crisis" was massive for people across the capital, insisting they need a government to stand up for them and not the "privileged few".

Speaking to ITV London, Mr Miliband said Labour were already planning to tackle the cost of living by "abolishing the bedroom tax, tackling energy bills and strengthening the national minimum wage".

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Boris a 'good showman but not a very good mayor'

Labour leader Ed Miliband has described Boris Johnson as a "good showman but not a very good mayor".

Speaking to ITV London, Mr Miliband said that while the London Mayor was a "fun guy" it was not enough to be a good Mayor.

However, the Labour leader insisted comedian Eddie Izzard - who has announced his intention to stand as London Mayor - was welcome to stand for Labour in the 2020 contest.

Londoners to vote in US-style mayoral primaries

Londoners will be able to vote in American presidential-style primaries to choose Labour's next candidate for mayor.

Party members and people who register as Labour supporters can have their say.

The change announced today by Ed Miliband reduces the impact of trade unions on the selection of candidates.

The details now from our Political Correspondent Simon Harris


Londoners to choose 2016 Labour mayoral candidate

Labour leader Ed Miliband announced he has appointed former Labour general secretary and union official Lord (Ray) Collins of Highbury to lead work on the introduction of a new system, which will consider an open primary process for the London mayoral candidate selection.

Lord Collins will also consider how the proposals could be spread to other parts of the country.

  • Under Mr Miliband's proposals, any Londoner registering as a Labour supporter will be eligible to vote in the ballot to choose a candidate to replace Boris Johnson in 2016.
  • A new code of conduct will be drawn up to cover all applicants to be Labour parliamentary candidates.

Miliband to introduce open primary elections for mayor

Ed Miliband who remains locked in an increasingly bitter dispute with Labour's biggest trade union backer. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Ed Miliband has set out a series of reforms designed to reshape Labour's relationship with the trade unions and end the "machine politics" behind the alleged ballot-rigging controversy in Falkirk.

In changes which could provoke a major clash with the union bosses who bankroll his party, Mr Miliband said he would reform the system of affiliating union members to Labour.

He also said he would introduce a code of conduct for would-be election candidates and introduce open primary elections for Labour's next candidate for London Mayor.

Sadiq Khan: Labour 'opening up selection of Mayor'

US-style primaries prompt 'valuable debate' and make 'great strides in engaging the electorate, the shadow justice secretary said today, as Labour announced a new code of conduct over mayoral candidate selection after the Falkirk row.

Sadiq Khan, Shadow Justice Secretary. Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Sadiq Khan wrote in the Evening Standard today: "Primaries help make politics exciting: for some time I’ve backed calls for such a process in London. So I support Ed Miliband’s landmark announcement today that Labour will use a primary to pick our candidate for London Mayor in 2016.

" All Londoners of voting age who are either a Labour Party member or have registered as a supporter will have a say in who becomes Labour’s candidate".

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