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Dogs trained to fight in Enfield children's playground

Dogs are being trained to fight in a children's playground in Enfield, according to council officials.

The council said the situation at Forty Hall is now so serious that they are looking to install CCTV cameras and increase park police patrols in the area in an effort to catch the people responsible

Dogs are being trained to fight in a children's playground, according to Enfield Council

I find it absolutely astonishing that anyone is stupid enough train fighting dogs, but to do so in a children’s playground shows quite remarkable levels of idiocy and selfishness.

There have been too many reports of young children being attacked by dogs in recent years, so to actually train a fighting dog in a playground and condition it to behave violently around play equipment which is routinely used by toddlers is one of the most despicable things I’ve heard in a long time.

These people are a menace to society and should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

– Councillor Chris Bond, Enfield Council

Enfield Council claims the playground is being used by the owners of fighting dogs who are training their animal by making them hang off the equipment by their jaws. The playground was completed in mid August, but has already been repaired three times due to vandalism.


Family success for Labour in Enfield

Labour is celebrating a family victory after a mother and daughter won seats on the same council.

Mary Maguire, 61, and her daughter Claire, 27, were elected in adjoining wards on Labour-controlled Enfield Council in north London.

Claire, who works for Labour MP Andy Love, won a seat which had been held by the Tories.

"I am very proud of Claire and it's great to see a young woman so involved in politics.As a family we share the same sense of social justice and fairness and we campaigned on issues which affect people, such as decent jobs, housing and the NHS. This was nothing to do with UKIP splitting the Tory vote - we won on merit and I'm delighted and really pleased to see an increase in the number of women on the council."

– Mary Maguire, Labour Councillor

Baby boy named after fireman who helped deliver him

A mother has named her new-born son after a fireman who helped deliver him in the back of a car in north London.

Ewelina Zimnicka with her new-born son. Credit: ITV London

Ross McLaren helped deliver baby Antoni at the scene of a fire in Enfield on Wednesday after Ewelina Zimnicka and her husband were caught in traffic as she went into labour.

Ms Zimnicka said she was grateful to the fireman for his intervention after she began to panic when she realised she was about to give birth.

"I would like to say thank you to the fireman and we have chosen Ross as the baby's second name," she told ITV London.


Firefighters turn midwife and help deliver baby

Two firefighters sent to help rescue twelve people from a burning building in Ponders End this morning suddenly found themselves taking on the role of midwife.

Ross McLaren and Richard Hall helped deliver a baby boy in the back of a car as more than 70 firefighters dealt with a blaze on the High Street.

Enfield residents urged to close doors and windows

People inside escaped before fire crews arrived and no one else is thought to be involved in the fire at this stage.

Enfield's High Street is closed to traffic and people living in the area are being warned to keep doors and windows closed as a precaution against the heavy smoke. Firefighters are expected to be at the scene for some time this morning.

Fire affecting shops, flats and restaurant in Enfield

The fire is affecting a range of shops, including a restaurant, as well as a number of flats above them.

Our firefighters are working extremely hard in very challenging conditions to stop this fire from spreading and have managed to contain the fire to two units in the row of shops involved.

– Mark Blomfield, London Fire Brigade
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