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Dog dumped over garden wall in Enfield

Lola the dog with a member of the RSPCA. Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a dog was dumped over a wall in Enfield.

The tan Staffordshire bull terrier was found in a garden in Cecil Road at around Midnight on Friday 14th March.

A plastic bag containing dog treats and a lead was found nearby.

The dog is thought to be around two years old and has been named Lola by the family who found her.

Her rear legs were extremely stiff at first and it is thought she had been dropped over the high garden wall.

Four charged over sawn-off shotgun found in Enfield

Four people have been charged after a sawn-off shotgun was recovered at a house in Enfield last Thursday 13th March.

A sawn-off shotgun was found at the address Credit: Met Police

Four men aged between 17 and 22 years old have been charged with possession of the gun and with other offences including possession with intent to supply cannabis. Two of the men have been granted bail while the others remain in custody.


Councillor expected to appeal party expulsion over burka image

Councillor Chris Joannides is not endorsed as a Conservative Party Candidate in the forthcoming local government elections in the London Borough of Enfield in May 2014. No Appeal is permitted under Party Rules.

Furthermore, Councillor Joannides is expelled from the Conservative Party for a period of 12 months. He may appeal against this decision and it is our understanding that he intends to do so.

– Conservative Party statement

Expelled councillor: I told her she had three beautiful daughters

Councillor Joannides told ITV News he deleted the picture from his Facebook page. He said he recalled the caption:

I saw her standing there, I told here she had three beautiful daughters. She didn't have to get all cheesed off by it, it was an honest mistake.

Councillor Joannides added:

The picture of the burkas was not my creation basically, nor was the attached caption. That was placed on my Facebook wall by a Turkish-Cypriot woman, a friend of mine. We were discussing women's rights, discussing the burkas.

Councillor kicked out of party over offensive burka comment

  • Councillor Joannides, who was once Britain's youngest Greek-Cypriot councillor, was suspended from his local Conservative association earlier this year
  • Conservative Party HQ has now deselected him as a candidate in May's election and expelled him for 12 months
  • Councillor Joannides was unavailable for comment


Tory councillor expelled for comparing burkas to binbags

A Conservative councillor has been thrown out of the party for a year after a picture on his Facebook page appeared to compare burkas to binbags.

Chris Joannides Credit:

Chris Joannides was a member of the Tory opposition on Labour-run Enfield Council in north London. The photo on his Facebook page is said to have shown a woman and a child in a burka standing between two binbags.

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