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Five wolves managed to escape from Colchester Zoo

Five wolves managed to escape from Colchester Zoo after the perimeter fence was damaged.

Two of the wolves were shot and killed, one was recaptured while the other returned voluntarily.

Five wolves escaped from a compound at Colchester Zoo Credit: Colchester Zoo

Essex Police are searching for the remaining wolf who is thought to be sheltering in thick undergrowth.

A police helicopter has been deployed to assist with the search.

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Police in Essex hunt wolf which escaped from zoo

Police in Essex are looking for a wolf which has escaped from a zoo. The animal was reported missing from Colchester Zoo in Essex at about 8 o'clock this morning:

Officials at the zoo have said that wolves are naturally timid, and provided they're not cornered in any way, do not pose a risk to the public.

– Essex Police

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Dog killed in training paired with handler 'for four years'

Baron had been paired with his handler for the last four years. Essex Police says they had made many arrests together:

He was injured and taken immediately to a veterinary practice but sadly he had to be put to sleep.

The circumstances surrounding this tragic incident are currently being reviewed.

Baron's handler and family are understandably very upset.

– Essex Police statement


Two arrested in Essex in drug trafficking investigation

Two men have been arrested in Essex by police investigating cross-Channel drug trafficking and money laundering. The men, aged 30 and 26, were held on suspicion of conspiracy to import cocaine and amphetamine, and money laundering. Today's arrests in Essex took place in Brentwood and South Ockenden.

This investigation has already led to the seizure of around 70 kilos of Class A drugs which were destined for the UK.

Working closely with law enforcement colleagues here and in France, the NCA is determined to tackle those responsible for trafficking illegal drugs into the UK.

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