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Travel exhibition showcases London as a destination

We know the Olympics gave the captial a huge boost in tourism, but how can that surge be sustained?

Well for the next few days London's economy is set for a multi-million pound boost, simply by hosting an exhibition.

That exhibition brings together 180 countries all showing off their tourist credentials - so can the capital compete with the likes of Floridia and the Carribean? Dan Hewit has been finding out.

Mayor to speak at landmark Islamic event

Boris Johnson will today deliver a key note speech to the World Islamic Economic Forum which is currently underway at the Excel Centre in east London.

The venue is the first outside of Asia to host the major international conference - bolstering the capital's standing as the largest Islamic financial centre in the West.


Two companies ejected from arms fair in east London

Two companies have been ejected from the arms fair in east London for promoting illegal torture weapons. The firms are:

  • French firm, MagForce International
  • Chinese company, Tianjin MyWay International Trading

The action came after Green Party MP Caroline Lucas raised the issue in the House of Commons. The companies were promoting handheld projectile electric shock weapons, weighted leg cuffs, and stun batons, according to the website of Caroline Lucas.

No items can be bought and sold at DSEI. However, in displaying this marketing literature, Tianjin MyWay International Trading Co. and Magforce International have broken British law.

– DSEI arms fair statement


Your views: Arms fair hosted at London's ExCel

You've been telling us what you think about London's ExCel Centre hosting an arms fair. You can join the debate now by tweeting us @itvlondon or going to our Facebook page.

Sharon Irvine I can't even find the words to describe both the anger and resignation I feel about this and most of the other things the government is allowing to fuel hatred, discrimination and destruction.

James Sarah Kelliher-Ingram Somewhere will host it. It brings in money for the country so why not does not effect us?

Matthew Waite Oh get over it. It is an entirely controlled event and people are intrigued by them. If anything it's educational.

Protester: 'the deals done here fuel death and repression'

Sarah Waldron of the Campaign Against the Arms Trade claimed that the event would welcome "some of the most authoritarian regimes in the world".

She said:

"The deals done here fuel death, injury, fear and repression - yet instead of banning it, the Government helps make it happen.

"We are here to resist it, to stand in solidarity with the people facing the deadly consequences of its weapons and do what we can to stop this obscene event continuing."

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