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Labour call for transport ticket price freeze

Commuters at a ticket gate Credit: PA

The Labour London Assembly member, Val Shawcross, is calling on Boris Johnson to scrap a 2.5 per cent increase to Transport for London fares.

Ms Shawcross is instead suggesting that the Mayor uses money from unallocated TfL income to reverse the need for an increase.

A study commissioned by the Labour member found that seventy six per cent of Londoners now believe fares are too high.

Tube fares rise

London Underground sign. Credit: PA

Tube, bus and tram fares have gone up today.

Transport for London has increased the price of its services by nearly 3 percent on average this year.

Zone One pay-as-you go tube fares have gone up by 10p and a 7 day bus or tram pass now costs an extra 60p.


Average fare increases for peak times

There'll be a 1.8% increase in fares during peak times - between 6am and 8pm Monday to Friday.

  • For a 3 mile journey the fare will increase from £9.60 to £9.80
  • For a 5 mile journey the fare will increase from £14.40 to £14.80
  • For an 8 mile journey the fare will increase from £24.00 to £24.60
  • For a 10 mile journey the fare will increase from £31.20 to £31.80
  • For a 12 mile journey the fare will increase from £38.20 to £39.00
  • For a 14 mile journey the fare will increase from £45.20 to £46.20
  • For a 16 mile journey the fare will increase from £52.40 to £53.40
  • For a 20 mile journey the fare will increase from £66.40 to £68.00

Black Cab fares to rise

Black cab fares to rise again Credit: PA

Passengers travelling from Heathrow Airport will reportedly be hit hardest by an increase in Black cab fares. A rise of 1.7% looks set to be approved by Transport for London from April 6. It's almost three times more than the rise in the cost of fuel. The increase follows a 5.3% rise last year

For those travelling to Heathrow - there will also be an 80p jump in the surcharge. TfL says the cost of an ''average'' fare, which is a journey of about 3.5 miles, will rise from £12.42 to £12.63. That will increase to £15.57 between 10pm and 6am.


Campaigners hold banner at Waterloo station

Campaigners held up a huge banner at London's Waterloo station, which read: "Cut rail fares, not rail staff."

They handed out leaflets, in the shape of train tickets, urging passengers to take action against rising fares and cuts to jobs and services.

Mr Crow said passengers were being "ripped off" by the relentless rise in the cost of travelling by rail.

"Train companies get billions of pounds in subsidies from the Government, yet still put fares up."Renationalising the railways would save the taxpayer money."

Mr Crow complained that there were 20 different types of ticket prices, yet more ticket offices were being closed or having their hours reduced.

"It's about time the railways were run for the travelling public, not the bosses."

Train passengers could face hefty fare rise in 2013

The Transport Secretary Justine Greening has admitted that train fares could rise by inflation plus 3% next January. Regulated fares are allowed to rise by 3% above the Retail Price Index inflation figure and Ms Greening indicated the extra money would be needed to stabiliise the rail industry.

This year, the rise was reduced to just 1% above RPI inflation but Ms Greening said there was no guarantee that the money could be found to allow a similar limit in 2013.

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