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Mother urges witnesses to forget 'street code'

The mother of Jamil Palmer, the 18-year-old who was stabbed to death in a street in Feltham, has asked potential witnesses to come forward and forget their "street code".

Jamil's mother said:

Do the right thing in Jamil's memory. Forget your street code, it is not grassing and it is not cool. Just tell the police what happened and who was involved.

I've lost my son. The hurt that has been caused is unimaginable.

All I ask is that you trust the police and come forward. How would you feel if this happened to your love one?

You have all shown great love, with the flowers and gifts left at the bench, please don't let him down, you were all there with him through life, be there through death, stand by him, your mate, help him rest in peace.

– Jamil Palmer's mother
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