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The new film with London in a starring role

Last year the London cityscape provided a stunning backdrop to the latest James Bond film Skyfall.

But now there's a new movie in which the capital plays a starring role.

Welcome to the Punch is a crime thriller filmed in places like Canary Wharf and the east end.

Rags Martel has been to speak to actor James McAvoy about the film.

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Harvey Weinstein: You never get tired of movies

Film producer and movie studio chairman Harvey Weinstein has been speaking to ITV Daybreak about his BAFTA success, picking up three awards at last night's awards.

He said the movie industry was like playing sports "I don't think you get tired of playing, and if you're on a winning team now and again it certainly rejuvenates you."

The Weinstein Company produced Silver Linings Playbook, which won best adapted screenplay.

Both its stars are nominated for Oscars in two weeks time.


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Sir Alan Parker awarded Bafta Fellowship

The director and producer Sir Alan Parker has been awarded the 2013 Bafta Fellowship, the final award of the night.

Sir Alan, who made films including Evita, Midnight Express and Bugsy Malone during a long career, said the award was "incredibly flattering".

He said: "When you're halfway through your first film you're sure it's going to be your last then you blink and 40 years have gone by and you've made 14 films."

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