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Young people in Newham 'fourth highest obesity level'

The ubiquitous presence of chicken shops is a major contributing factor to the national problem of youth obesity, which sees more than 1 in 3 children aged 11-15 years are overweight or obese costing the NHS as much as £4 billion annually.

Young people in Newham have the fourth highest level of obesity in London and the highest prevalence of diabetes, with over 200 children aged 16 or under diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

– 'We are what we do' statement


'Healthier' chicken vendor to target London pupils

A new mobile street-food vendor is opening for business near schools in Forest Gate offering a healthy alternatives to the fast food shops in the area. Called 'Box Chicken', it's designed to appeal to younger people with the aim of shifting eating behaviour towards healthier, more positive options.

  • There are now more than 8,000 fast food outlets in London, one for every 1,000 Londoners
  • The number is increasing around 10% every year
  • Chicken shops are especially common, fried chicken sales grew by 36% from 2003 to 2008


Forest Gate murder appeal

Police are appealing for witnesses to the murder of a woman in her flat in Forest Gate. Police were called on Friday to reports of a stabbing at George Carver House in Station Road. Amina Bibi, who was 43, and married with two children was pronounced dead at the scene.

A post-mortem has found she died of multiple stab wounds. Police say they don't have a motive for the killing, and are appealing for anyone who saw a man leaving the scene along Forest Street in the direction of Field Road to contact them. They say he may have been bloodstained and carrying clothing


22ft Hedge owner says 'the street likes trees'

Neighbours embroiled in a bitter feud over a 22ft hedge

A feud between two neighbours about a hedge is now in its eighth year, with neither side showing any signs of backing down.

The hedge is 22-feet high and arguments over its future have cost thousands of pounds and reached as far as the High Court.

The hedge belongs to Michael Pelling and is causing problems to Christine Hodgson next door. She says the hedge cuts out so much light she has to have the light on indoors during the day.

When asked if he can see that the light is being blocked from his neighbour Mr Pelling said: "I accept it has some effect but I think she exaggerates that becuse she's getting plenty of light from the street frontage and the north side".

The out-of-control 22ft garden hedge row between neighbours

Two north-east London neighbours are embroiled in a feud over a garden hedge that has grown massively out-of-control and now stands at 22ft tall.

The dense foilage runs along Dr Michael Pellins front fence in Forest Gate, his neighbour says it blocks the light and view from her front room.

The 22ft high garden hedge has been the centre of a feud between neighbouring Drs for seven years

Neighbour Dr Christine Hodgson first complained about the towering shrub to Newham Council in June 2006 saying she cannot grow anything herself in her garden due to the light being blocked. Dr Hodgson then complained again in 2008 after she says no action was taken previously by the council.

Dr Hodgson has recently reissued her complaint

Mr Pellins was ordered to take down the shrub in 2009 by Newham Council, however he won a High Court judicial review.

Dr Hodgson has recently reissued her complaint.

House burglar walks past family with his loot

A burglar who walked out with his loot past a family sitting in their lounge is facing jail. Jadihul Hoque climbed up a drain pipe and through an open window to steal two laptops and a mobile phone from a bedroom. He then walked down the stairs before closing the front door behind himself.

Prosecutor Arizuna Asante told the court the burglar struck in broad daylight on the evening of July 24th this year. Hoque, 18, of Norwich Road, Forest Gate, east London, admitted the single count of burglary. He will be sentenced on October 17. He was remanded in custody until that date.

The victim lived at the house with his parents, brother and grandmother.

His grandmother was in the front sitting room, while his mother was also downstairs and his brother was in his room.

He had just returned home, and he was walking down the hallway when he heard foot steps.

He saw the defendant calmly walk out of the house shutting the front door behind him.

He was holding a black bag, and it turned out this contained two laptop computers and as well as the victim's mobile phone.

– Prosecutor Arizuna Asante
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