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Anyone got any lunch? Fox causes havoc when he pops to the shops

The fox seemed to be sniffing around looking for a lunchtime snack. Credit: ITV News/ Katie Lamborn

Locals in Stoke Newington couldn't believe their eyes when a fox joined them in the shopping aisles earlier this week.

"I know foxes are getting tamer," said local resident Aoife Archer, "but this is ridiculous!

"I only popped in for some bin bags and a Kinder Bueno.

"The last thing I expected to see was a poor mangy looking fox."

The assistant in the shop was quick to act when the animal nonchalantly walked into shop, grabbing a broom and promptly showing the fox the door.

Some locals have become endeared to the creature and have even picked a name for him - Cedric.

Glass of wine? The fox contemplates a drink with a potential lunchtime snack. Credit: ITV News/ Katie Lamborn
Enough for a basket? How much is the fox thinking of buying? Credit: ITV News/ Katie Lamborn
Clear off! The shop assistant shows the fox who's boss. Credit: ITV News/ Katie Lamborn
Shop assistant 1 - Fox 0 Credit: ITV News/ Katie Lamborn
The fox cowers outside the shop still with no lunch. Credit: ITV News/ Katie Lamborn
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Mum found fox dragging baby son to the back door

The mother of fox attack victim Denny Dolan had gone upstairs when she heard a bang and rushed down to find the animal dragging her baby towards the back door, his aunt has said.

"It was so traumatic," Lorraine Murphy told The Times (£). "The family are devastated. I spoke to my brother at the hospital, but he couldn't even talk. Denny's lovely - he was a perfect baby."

The company which is responsible for maintenance issues with the baby's home has denied press reports it failed to respond to requests from the family to fix a damaged door.

Phoenix Community Housing said repair works were completed last month and said no further requests had been made.


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Father of fox attack baby pays tribute to 'my poor boy'

The father of a month-old baby who was attacked by a fox has paid tribute to his "poor boy" as the family is inundated with messages of support.

Paul Dolan posted the comment on Facebook along with a photo of his son, Denny Dolan, which showed his hand heavily bandaged as he recovers in hospital.

Surgeons reportedly had to reattach one of the baby's fingers after he was dragged from his cot at his family's home near Bromley, south east London, on Wednesday. He also had cuts to his face which needed stitches.