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London 2012 revisited

London 2012 volunteers enjoy the pool Credit: Debbie Rowe

One year on from the London Olympics, a new photography exhibition looks at the Games impact on some of the 70 thousand volunteers.

The free display, at Stratfords 'ViewTube' tells a visual story about 17 gamesmakers who made the whole thing possible.

Pride in our Games Makers

File photo of Games Makers in the Olympic Park, London Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

A third of people wish they had volunteered to help out at last year's Olympics following the success of the so-called Games Makers, according to a study. A similar number said the Games Makers positively changed the way they viewed volunteering, a survey of more than 2,000 adults found.

An estimated 873,600 volunteering hours have been put back into communities by the Games Makers since September, said the report by Olympic legacy charity Join In.


Volunteers to welcome tourists

After the success of the Games Makers during the Olympics, volunteers will be in place to welcome tourists to London for the next three summers.

The plan was announced by the Mayor's Volunteering Adviser, Veronica Wadley, at the London Assembly this morning.

The scheme will take place from July to September, during the same six-week period as London's Olympics and Paralympics.

Choir 'embodies spirit' of the Games

The Games Maker Choir now hopes to keep singing - and keep the Olympic legacy alive.

"The choir is an embodiment of the spirit of the Games Makers and this joyous occasion which is the Games. It reflects on the team spirit, and excitement and unity that has captured the country and the volunteers in particular. Importantly too, Victoria and the Choir have shown that you really can achieve what you set your mind to. The Games Maker Choir therefore provides the volunteers and the country with a way of keeping the Olympic legacy going."

– The Games Maker Choir


Games Maker Choir established during Olympics

The Games Maker Choir was set up by a group of enthusiastic Olympic volunteers during the London Games.

University student Victoria Verbi decided to set up a choir within the Olympic Park - and within two days of putting a notice in the volunteer newsletter, she'd gathered a group of more than 200 singers.

After one brief rehearsal, the choir performed at the bandstand in the Olympic Park.

Games Makers release charity single

They were the unsung heroes of the London Olympics - but now the Games Makers are doing the singing themselves.

The Games Maker Choir, made up of volunteers from the Olympics, is releasing a Christmas charity single called "I Wish For You The World."

Proceeds will go to the British Olympic Foundation and British Paralympic Association, to be spent on developing opportunities for aspiring young people to pursue their sporting dreams.

The track features singer-songwriter Alistair Griffin.