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Gareth Bale's salary by day, hour and minute

What could you do with more than £36,000 every day? Credit: ITV News London

Millions of pounds have been changing hands all day for the world's top footballers, but what does it mean in a language we normal human beings can understand? We've broken down Gareth Bale's salary into smaller parts, and it's still mind-boggling.

Every hour, Gareth Bale earns the same as many of us in a month Credit: ITV News London

Gareth Bale earns more than £1,500 every hour. And, it's even more scary when you break it down to the minute

Wait a minute, there's another £25 in Bale's back pocket Credit: ITV News London

£25 every minute. Did you have a tea break today? While you were waiting for the kettle to boil, Gareth Bale was earning £75, in just three minutes. They're not like the rest of us, those world-class footballers, are they?


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Bale: 'I've been following Real Madrid since I was 10'

Real Madrid's Twitter account has been tweeting from the Gareth Bale press conference, where the Welshman said:

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Gareth Bale presented to Real Madrid fans at Bernabeu

Gareth Bale has showed-off his skills on the Bernabeu pitch in front of thousands of Real Madrid fans after he was officially unveiled by the club.

Gareth Bale has completed his move to Real Madrid. Credit: Real Madrid
He has been officially unveiled today. Credit: Real Madrid
It is believed the Welshman moved for a world record fee. Credit: Real Madrid


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