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Theresa May will have 'blood on her hands' if she approves extradition

David Burrowes is Gary McKinnon's local MP and also an aide to the Environment Secretary. Credit: PA

Gary McKinnon's local MP says that the Home Secretary will have "blood on her hands" if she approves his extradition to the USA.

David Burrowes, the MP for Enfield South, has also threatened to resign from his position as a ministerial aide to the Environment Secretary if the extradition goes ahead.

Click here to watch a clip of him talking to ITV Daybreak.

Gary's mother: extradition would be a 'death sentence'

Gary McKinnon's mother Janis Sharp says that extraditing him to the USA would prove a "death sentence" as he is at a high risk of suicide.

Yesterday, she posted the following messages on Twitter.


McKinnon lawyer 'hopeful'

Solicitor Karen Todner and Janis Sharp, Gary McKinnon's mother, outside the Royal Courts of Justice Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Gary McKinnon's lawyer says she's hopeful the home secretary will reject a bid to extradite him to the US on hacking charges.

She told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "I am optimistic because David Cameron and Nick Clegg were so vocal in opposition in support of Gary.

"Nick Clegg said he thought it would be morally wrong for Gary to be extradited and David Cameron said it would show no compassion to send Gary to America so I'm really hoping they are going to stand by the promises they made in opposition."

Gary McKinnon and his mother outside the High Court in 2009 Credit: Katie Collins/PA Archive/Press Association Images

She added: "Theresa May can make a decision that if Gary is at extreme risk of suicide, that she can prevent his extradition and we have provided her with the medical report, which will allow her, within the law, to make that decision."

Hacker McKinnon given deadline for extradition decision

The London computer hacker has been told when to expect a decision on his extradition to America.

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon has been given a deadline for learning his fate.

Home Secretary Theresa May will tell him by October the 16th, if he is to extradited to America.

US authorities want McKinnon, who is from Wood Green in North London, to face trial for hacking into military and NASA computers 10 years ago.

Glen Goodman reports.

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