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Residents evacuated after Enfield gas leak

More than one hundred people were evacuated from their homes in North London this morning after a gas leak.

Residents in Enfield were told to leave their houses in the early hours. Police, ambulances and fire engines were all called to the scene.

The leak was caused by road maintenance work in the area. The residents are now back in their homes, and no one was hurt.


Olympic energy security

London Tonight has discovered that a high security fence is being built around a gas plant in Hertfordshire. The plant is tucked away in woods.

It's believed the site supplies gas to north London and Stratford - including the Olympic park. Around one hundred workers are erecting a fence around the site.

Work will continue there for the next five months.

The National Grid said in a statement: "We carry out robust security in conjunction with the Government and LOCOG [The London 2012 Organising Committee]."