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Gender pay gap in the City

Women's bonuses could be half of what men receive in the City of London. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA

Women working in the City expect to receive a bonus that's half of what is being paid to their male colleagues according to a new report. Recruitment firm Astbury Marsden found that female staff are anticipating payments of around £16,240 compared to £32,800 for men.

The gap is predicted to be even wider at senior levels, with female directors and other executives expecting an average bonus of £25,800, almost half of the £50,300 expected by their male counterparts.

The managing director of Astbury Marsden said this could be down to men filling the commission earning jobs: "The reality is that the sectors where there is a high reward culture are still male dominated with women often making up a larger proportion of the non-commission earning side of businesses such as HR or marketing.

"Trading floors for example, have a reputation for being largely a male environment and many women can be put off from applying to these types of roles."

Made in Dagenham stars back equal pay campaign

The cast of the musical Made in Dagenham and the protesters it was based on, are coming together to continue the campaign for equal pay.

They are supporting Labour's plan to force companies with over 250 employees to publish the pay gap between their male and female employees.

The 'Mind the Pay Gap' campaign is hosting a rally in Parliament before a vote will be called on the issue this afternoon.

Currently only five companies publish their gender pay gap in their annual report.