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Tourist attraction open following fire

Fire engines at the Cutty Sark Credit: @greenwichcouk

The Cutty Sark is open to visitors following a fire on the deck this morning. The bookings office told ITV News the vessel was open to the public as normal following a fire shortly after 7.20am.

The 19th Century Ship was devastated by fire in 2007. London Fire Brigade has described today's incident as a "small fire" and said crews had worked quickly to put it out.

Cause of Cutty Sark fire is under investigation

Credit: @greenwichcouk

The cause of a fire at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich is being investigated - fire crews dealt with a small fire on the historic vessel this morning.

Teams from Greenwich, Lewisham and East Greenwich fire stations attended the scene.

London Fire Brigade confirmed four fire engines and 21 firefighters dealt with the blaze. A small part of the ship was damaged by fire.

Firefighters worked incredibly quickly to get this small fire under control and minimise damage. Crews carried out salvage work on the ship.

– George Vost, station manager


Fire crews attend 'small fire' on the Cutty Sark

A small fire broke out in the decking of the Cutty Sark this morning.

London Fire Brigade told ITV News the decking and timbers were on fire on Deck 3. They we called just after 7.20am and the fire is now out.

The brigade tweeted that they had got the blaze under control "very quickly" and had carried out salvage work on the ship.

Residents in Greenwich where the ship is located tweeted pictures of the incident.

Two charged with 2010 murder of student

Charlie Wright was shot in the face in 2010 Credit: Metropolitan Police

Two men have been charged with the 2010 murder of a student in Greenwich.

Hassan Hassan, who's 28, and from Brockley, and Colin Anderson, who's 47 and of no fixed abode will appear in custody at Bromley Magistrates' charged with the murder of Charlie Wright, a student from Eltham.

Charlie died from a gunshot wound to the face in April 2010.

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Police hope guilty verdict will console webcam victims

The Metropolitan Police said it hopes the guilty verdict handed down to cyberstalker Andrew Meldrum will act as a deterrent and bring "some consolation" to his victims.

I would like to thank all witnesses in this investigation but especially the three victims who gave evidence on matters that were clearly of a private, intimate and personal nature to them. Meldrum effectively hacked into their lives.

I hope that they can take some consolation in the guilty verdict that sends out a clear message to anyone that this type of intrusion into a person's private life is not acceptable and the Metropolitan Police will support all victims and pursue all suspects.

– Met Police spokesman


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Cyberstalking victim 'shocked' but supports sentence

One of the victims of cyberstalker Andew Meldrum has told ITV News of her shock at learning she was being spied on in her own home but said she supported the decision not to send the voyeur straight to jail.

"Even when I found out about it I couldn't believe that it had actually happened," said the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

"It was so shocking to see how easy it was and how quickly it was for someone to be able to install it and watch me and to do it inside my own home," she continued.

"It makes you question as a person what you do and how you live your life."

Speaking after Meldrum received a 12-month suspended sentence for his webcam plot, she said justice had been done, saying: "I believe the judge came up with the right conclusion."

She added: "If this is going to rehabilitate him and make other people think before they do things and if it's going to help anyone then that's fine."

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'Jealous' stalker used webcams for 'sexual gratification'

Cyber stalker Andrew Meldrum has been described as a "jealous and controlling" man who pursued his plot for his own "personal sexual gratification".

Sentencing, Recorder Mark Heywood QC said: "It's clear from the evidence that many, many, many recordings were made by the computers of the three young women... concerning the most private acts in their own homes."

Recorder Mark Heywood QC said Andrew Meldrum, seen arriving for sentencing, "abused" the confidence of his victims.

In one case, Meldrum conned his victim into believing he could help solve her computer problems but instead installed software which allowed him to remotely access her webcam.

He remained undetected for 15 months until the women - who cannot be named for legal reasons - discovered the programme had been installed on their computers.

Meldrum, a former Goldsmiths University student, has been ordered to forfeit his computer and pay a contribution to prosecution costs of £2,100 plus a £100 victim surcharge.

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Suspended sentence for cyber stalker Andrew Meldrum

A cyber stalker who bugged computers to spy on women has walked free from court with a 12-month suspended sentence and a fine.

Andrew Meldrum, 30, secretly installed spying software on his victims' computers, allowing him to access private, nude pictures taken covertly.

Andrew Meldrum's 11,000 covert images included some of one victim naked, in her underwear, on the toilet and "in positions of intimacy". Credit: Police handout

Meldrum admitted three counts of unauthorised access to computer material and was found guilty of two counts of voyeurism after a trial at Woolwich Crown Court.

One of his victims wept in court and held her head in her hands at the sentence.

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