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McKinnon case returns to High Court

Gary McKinnon is wanted by American authorities on charges of computer hacking Credit: Reuters

The case of computer hacker Gary McKinnon returns to the High Court today.

The hearing follows his refusal last week to undergo further medical tests by a Home Office-appointed expert as he fights extradition to the United States.

The US authorities want McKinnon, from Wood Green, north London, to face trial for hacking into military computers 10 years ago.


McKinnon's case to go back to the High Court

A spokeswoman for the family of Gary McKinnon said they would return to the High Court on Tuesday as they await another a decision from the Home Office on his extradition. They claim that Professor Thomas Fahy who has been appointed to examine McKinnon does not have the correct expertise.

McKinnon's supporters say he will be a suicide risk if he is extradited and the Home Office already has evidence from other experts who have examined him.

McKinnon refuses medical examination

Gary McKinnon is wanted by American authorities on charges of computer hacking. Credit: Reuters

The mother of computer hacker Gary McKinnon has said he has refused to undergo a medical examination from an expert appointed by the Home Office. McKinnon is fighting against extradition to the US on charges of computer hacking.

He was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and is claiming that it would be harmful to extradite him. The Home Office has been attempting to examine him to discover whether he can be tried abroad.


Mellor attacks former Met officers over phone hacking

The former Home Office minister David Mellor has told the Leveson Inquiry that the Met Police investigations into phone hacking had been an "abject" failure. He criticised three former senior officers, Sir Paul Stephenson, John Yates and Andy Hayman, for not looking into the accusations properly.

Mr Mellor also praised the newspapers that had helped to expose the scandal, saying, "They opened a Pandora's Box the politicians and the police had been determined to keep shut."

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