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Train grinds to a halt in a tunnel after filling with smoke

A train filled with smoke ground to a halt in a tunnel in north London today after developing a fault. The East Midlands Trains service which was destined for St Pancras got as far as West Hampstead when a passenger activated the alarm.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, one passenger said some people began crying:

The smoke was thick and strong and we had people coughing - I'm sure a few people are feeling decidedly dodgy now. I've still got a headache.

– Robin Johnston, passenger

East Midlands Trains said there was no danger to passengers:

All passengers were kept safe at all times. Engineers attended the train and staff kept passengers updated. The service resumed at around 14.10 and continued on to London St Pancras. The train is now in our depot being examined.

– East Midlands Trains


Police hunting for a screaming woman on Hampstead Heath find a couple getting intimate

What began as a frantic search for a woman reported to be screaming on Hampstead Heath turned out to be nothing more than a couple getting intimate.

The Met Police helicopter was called to north London last night, after reports of a possible attack.

But after a ground and air search police say the only thing they found was a 'courting couple' who were safe and well.


Police appeal for help to find man missing from hospital

Police are appealing for help in finding a man who has gone missing from hospital.

64-year-old Hassan Hashami was last seen on Wednesday morning at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead.

Anyone who has seen Mr Hashami or who knows of his whereabouts are asked to call police in Camden Borough via 101. Credit: Metropolitan Police

He is described as white, approx 6ft tall with blonde balding hair and was wearing a black Ralph Lauren Jacket, black trousers and black shoes.

Officers are concerned for his safety and wellbeing as he requires medication.

"Billionaire's" Row mansions: Empty and derelict

A Guardian investigation has uncovered that a third of the mansions on one of London's most expensive roads are standing empty, including several huge houses that have fallen into ruin after standing vacant for a quarter of a century.

A Bishop's Avenue house which was bought by a billionairess from Kazakhstan in 1998. Credit: Credit: Max Nash/PA Archive

The newspaper's investigation found that there are an estimated £350m worth of vacant properties in London's so-called London's "Billionaires Row", The Bishop's Avenue in Hampstead, North London.

Toprak Mansion, which is lived in, was reportedly bought for £50m 5 years ago. Credit: Credit: PA

The empty buildings include a row of 10 mansions worth £73m which have remained vacant unused they were bought in the 1990s reportedly on behalf of members of the Saudi royal family.

10 properties up for sale on London's Billionaires' Row

10 properties were put up for sale one of London's most exclusive, and expensive, streets by members of the Saudi Arabian royal family. The Evening Standard reports the huge homes in The Bishops Avenue in Hampstead were sold by an investment company for £80 million. Some have never been lived in.

Satellite image of The Bishops Avenue, Hampstead Credit: Google Maps

Past residents on the street are though tot have included Bernie Ecclestone, Ringo Starr and Joan Collins.

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