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Heathrow Connect suspended due to 'unforeseen fleet issues'

Credit: PA

The train service linking Heathrow Airport and Paddington has been suspended due to 'unforeseen fleet issues'.

It is not known when the Heathrow Connect service, which should run every 30 minutes, will be running again.

A Great Western Railway spokesman said anyone booked on the Heathrow Connect should change at Hays & Harlinton to get the bus replacement services.

He said the problem is caused by "potential issues" with some Heathrow Express trains so the Connect ones are being used for that service instead.

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MPs press for quick decision over airport expansion

A passenger plane prepares for take off at Gatwick Airport Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Nearly 60 MPs, including the leader of the Conservative backbench 1922 Committee, are pressing for a speedy decision by the next government on whether a new runway should be built at Gatwick or Heathrow Airport.

Graham Brady told the Independent on Sunday: "It is critical we address the issue of airport infrastructure as soon as possible - we've clearly put off a decision for decades now.

"It's important we make sure there is at least one new runway built in South-east England to prevent us falling behind other countries in terms of trade."

The paper reports that concern is growing in the House of Commons that the main parties have not made a commitment to backing the final option selected by the Airports Commission led by Sir Howard Davies. The commission is due to report in the summer.

Unidentified drone in near miss with passenger jet at Heathrow

Air safety inpectors have investigated the first near miss between a plane and drone Credit: PA

The first near miss between passenger plane and a drone has been investigated by air safety inspectors.

The UK Airprox Board will publish its findings on Friday following the incident at Heathrow Airport.

The owner of the drone has still not been identified raising fears over the potential risks drones could pose to commercial airlines .

The incident is expected to be recorded in the report with a risk rating A, defined as a serious risk of collision, which is the highest of five categories.

The report, seen by the The Sunday Times, said the pilot of the Airbus A320 spotted the drone, which failed to show up on air traffic control systems, at 2.16pm on July 22 while flying at an altitude of 700ft.

Earlier this year the airline pilots' association Balpa demanded better protection for the public against the risks of drones.

It wants drones, officially known as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), which share airspace with passenger and freight airliners, to meet the same safety standards as piloted aircraft.

This would include only being flown by operators with pilot-equivalent training.

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