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Heathrow Express 'forced to consider redundancies'

Job losses were the one thing our proposals avoided - but the RMT’s wrong-headed path of repeated strikes has added to our costs, forcing us to now consider redundancies.

From the outset we have warned the RMT that strikes are not the answer as they are increasing costs when we are trying to reduce them. They have ignored this advice.

The RMT leadership alone is responsible for putting its own members’ jobs at risk. We warned them. They ignored the warning. Now, entirely unnecessarily, their members’ futures are far less certain.

– Keith Greenfield, Heathrow Express Managing Director


Heathrow flights hit by dense fog

Heathrow Airport is experiencing disruption of flights both in and out of it due to fog.

Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight with their airline. Flights may be delayed or cancelled.

There is also disruption to flights at London City Airport due to low visibility.

Passengers advised to contact their airline for more information.

Heathrow Express statement on passenger survey

A Heathrow Express spokesperson, said:

“93% of our passengers are satisfied with the Heathrow Expressservice which is a 3% increase since Spring 2012. We have spent £15 million pounds on upgrading the Heathrow Express fleet since May 2012 and have improved passenger information on board, online and on mobile devices. We are continuing to invest in improving all aspects of customer service.”