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Heathrow Express relocates managers to platforms

Heathrow Express has relocated its senior managers to one of its station platforms. Directors will be based on the concourse beneath Heathrow airport's Terminal 5.

Heathrow Express train at Paddington Station
Heathrow Express train at Paddington Station Credit: PA

One criticism of senior management at many companies is they spend too much time in the 'ivory tower' of head office and not enough time listening to and talking to customers and frontline employees. Our new platform office addresses this. We got the idea for this from Stockholm's Arlanda Express, whose managers use it to engage with customers and frontline staff. It has proved a great success there so we're trying it here.

– Keith Greenfield, Managing Director


The sooner we start planning Heathrow 'the better'

The demand for new homes and jobs in the capital is such that we must be ready to start redeveloping Heathrow the moment it moves to its new site. And the sooner we start planning the better. We asked our architects to be as creative as possible and these designs illustrate strikingly different visions of a Heathrow of the future. However the key point is that all these scenarios would potentially create some of the many thousands of new jobs and homes this city will require given London is expected to increase in size by a fifth within the next 15 years. How we deal with that is something we need to be planning for and debating right now. Those discussions must not be delayed.

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Three firms of architects submit designs for Heathrow

Designs, from three firms of architects, include proposals for new park land, scientific research centres and a factory for modular housing units to make it easier for people to build their own homes.

  • Hawkins\Brown - This is the one that includes the factory-for-homes plan. Online customisation would allow Londoners to order homes to their own specifications as is common in a number of European countries, where 'self-build' is a popular way of creating new homes
Proposed design for 'Heathrow City'
Proposed design for 'Heathrow City' Credit: Rick Mather
  • Rick Mather Architects - Their proposal would see the Heathrow site evolve to become a new hub city by working with the existing structure and using the terminals as generators to development. The former runways would define the structure of the city and connect 10 distinct local centres.
Proposed design for 'Heathrow City'
Proposed design for 'Heathrow City' Credit: Rick Mather
  • Maccreanor Lavington - Their vision for Heathrow City aims to develop a fully functioning city within the metropolis, characterised by a rich mix of ecology, culture, employment and liveability. Existing buildings would be used to establish fresh development and new forestation is laid down.
Proposed design for 'Heathrow City'
Proposed design for 'Heathrow City' Credit: Maccreanor Lavington

New designs for 'Heathrow City' if the airport closes

Architects have come up with designs for 'Heathrow City', a 190,000-home town that would spring up if the west London airport closes. Supported by London Mayor Boris Johnson who backs a Thames Estuary airport to replace Heathrow, the redevelopment of Heathrow could potentially support 90,000 new jobs and add £7.5 billion to the UK economy.

Aerial view of Heathrow airport in west London
Aerial view of Heathrow airport in west London Credit: PA

Aircraft landed safely after 'burning smell' in cockpit

A British Airways flight was forced to return to Heathrow a short time ago, after a 'burning smell' in the cockpit. Flight BA676 to Istanbul suffered a technical fault.


Aircraft landed safely after burning smell in cockpit.As precaution they returned to airport & met by welcoming party



Coleen Rooney caught up in Heathrow baggage problems


Feel sick..... just received my 4 cases 2 days late from BA Heathrow to Las Vegas. Opened them all and they have been completely ransacked.

Technical fault leaves passengers without their baggage

An airport computer glitch at Heathrow means some air passengers have still not been reunited with their luggage days after a problem started. The glitch began on at Heathrow's Terminal 5 and has affected departing British Airways passengers.

Credit: PA

In a statement Heathrow said:

"We experienced intermittent issues with the T5 baggage system between June 26 and 29 which caused some bags to be processed manually. Passengers can now check in bags as normal.

"Manual processing led to some bags not making flights in time. While passengers are receiving bags all the time, it will take several days to reunite all passengers with their bags.

"We are very sorry for the disruption passengers have experienced and we are working round the clock with airlines to reunite passengers with their bags as quickly as possible."

Thousands frustrated by Heathrow baggage problems

We are working round the clock to reunite customers with their bags. We are very sorry that this process is taking longer than anticipated, and we fully understand the frustration this is causing.

The baggage system in Terminal 5 has experienced a number of problems since Thursday. This has resulted in fewer than expected bags being transported each day. The process of getting the delayed bags on to the next available flight has also been affected.

– Heathrow statement
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