Heathrow in top 10 world airports

Heathrow has made it into the top 10 world airports in a survey completed by nearly 13 million passengers globally.

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Mayor hints at referendum over closing Heathrow


City Hall hints at a possible referendum over closing Heathrow as @mayoroflondon meets Denver's mayor. @itvlondon http://t.co/qK7icZeatn


Denver used a referendum in its battle to replace Stapleton Airport with the new DIA in the 1990s. @itvlondon

Mayor sets out options for Heathrow redevelopment.


Mayor of Denver successfully relocated US airport

Mayor of Denver Michael B Hancock will be discussing airport relocation with Mayor Boris Johnson today Credit: Reuters

Officials from Denver will tell the Mayor today how he managed to successfully relocate Stapleton International Airport in 1989.

Despite a law suit against the city brought by local residents incensed by aircraft noise pollution, and opposition from major airlines who claimed demand for a new airport was non-existent, they successfully relocated the airport to a new site outside the city with room for 12 runways.

The team from Denver are also expected to meet with officials from the Davies Commission, who are considering where best to locate new aviation capacity in the southeast.


Eighty-five flights cancelled at Heathrow after fog

Planes land in fog at Heathrow Airport, west London. Credit: PA Wire

Dozens of flights have been cancelled at Heathrow following thick fog in west London.

By 10am, a total of 85 flights had been called off while there were delays to a number of other departures and arrivals.

Further disruption is expected this morning with the fog taking time to clear in the area.

Passengers have been advised to check with their airline before travelling to Heathrow.

Fog causing delays and cancellations at Heathrow

Fog is causing delays and cancellations at Heathrow Airport.

The airport urged passengers to check the status of their flights before coming to the airport.


The fog here and around the UK is leading to some flight delays and cancellations. Please check your flight status: http://t.co/pCOoB9rxhf

Plan unworkable, unrealistic and unaffordable

ITV London today revealed Boris Johnson plans to spend an extra £2m on lobbying for a new airport in the Thames Estuary. The mayor has already spent over £3m of London taxpayer's money in an attempt to persuade government that his plan should be taken forward.

Dr Onkar Sahota, Labour London Assembly for Ealing & Hillingdon said his plans could create 'economic chaos' for his constituents in Hillingdon and Ealing.

His plan is unworkable, unrealistic and unaffordable. “His plan for a new airport would wreck west London’s economy and create economic chaos for my constituents in Ealing and Hillingdon.

We do need to make sure that Heathrow works for local residents, this means no ‘mixed-mode’, no additional night flights and different flight paths to reduce noise.

These are sensible workable policies that will make a difference and maintain jobs and the local economy.”

– Dr Onkar Sahota, Labour London Assembly for Ealing & Hillingdon
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