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Heathrow attempts to reassure passengers as baggage belt breaks


Baggage belts at Heathrow Terminal 5 not working - bags left behind check in desk - I wonder if they will arrive.....with me!


Baggage system at Heathrow broken, no idea if or when I will see my luggage again!


Ever been told your bags will not fly with you? @british_airways any info on baggage situation at Heathrow term 5? Horrifying.


Plane crash film 'animated metaphor' for airport devastation

The film is an animated metaphor for the devastation airport expansion would cause in West London, and that was blindingly obvious to the 800–strong audience at Richmond Theatre, who voted for it.

This Heathrow-funded lobby group has deliberately misinterpreted it, and is being disingenuous, as ever.

– Zac Goldsmith, Conservative

Planes crashing into populated areas 'must be a factor'

It [a third runway] is certainly a risk. We've never in our arguments wanted to overstate the risks, the health and safety risks, about planes crashing into the populated areas but clearly that must be a factor.

When you consider the proposals for Heathrow would involve massive increases in the volume of flights over a very, very densely populated part of the world.

I think the video makes a point about a statistical and appreciable risk we never thought was large, but is obviously not going to go away.

– Boris Johnson. Mayor of London


Heathrow dismisses controversial plane crash video

Independent populous polling shows that many more people around Heathrow support a third runway than oppose it. 48% of residents support expanding Heathrow, while 34% are against.

57% of voters said they feel positive towards Heathrow, while 37% feel neutral and just 6% feel negative towards the airport.

More than 100,000 jobs depend on Heathrow and they need to see the airport flourish.

– Heathrow statement

Heathrow plane crash video 'in appalling taste'

The video has been attacked as "in appalling taste" by pro-Heathrow campaign group 'Back Heathrow', made up of businesses, residents and unions.

To promote a film that shows a plane crashing into houses as part of a campaign against a major local employer is in appalling taste. It really smacks of desperation.

We are genuinely shocked that Zac Goldsmith and his celebrity judging panel have stooped so low to score a cheap political point by whipping up fear in the local community.

Most local residents want Heathrow to succeed and will not recognise this portrayal of their airport.


Heathrow crash video wins £3,000 runner up prize

by Simon Harris: Political Correspondent
  • The £10,000 first prize went to a film called 'Heathrow Won't Listen' which used aircraft noise to drown out the sounds of everyday life
  • The £3,000 runner up, 'Say No', shows a Boeing 747 landing on a street and demolishing homes
  • The videos were shortlisted by the judges before a final vote from an audience at Richmond Theatre
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