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EasyJet backs Heathrow Airport expansion plan

EasyJet has thrown its support behind Heathrow expansion. Credit: PA

The budget airline easyJet has said it is backing a plan to expand Heathrow Airport despite the fact that its biggest base is currently at Gatwick. An Airports Commission, set up by the Government, is currently examining which of the two airports should be expanded to improve Britain's passenger capacity. EasyJet operates from four airports in the UK but has told the Commission that it prefers Heathrow.

Heathrow is in the best interests of passengers as it has the greatest demand.

– Carolyn McCall, Easyjet Chief Executive

We are delighted that easyJet wants to operate from an expanded Heathrow. It is great news for Heathrow passengers and we look forward to working with easyJet to deliver new routes and services.

– Heathrow spokesman



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