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Protesters block mock runway as airport decision looms

Protests have been held at Westminster as the Government prepares to announce its long-awaited decision on airport expansion.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is expected to confirm plans for a third runway at Heathrow after a Cabinet meeting.

Activists from Reclaim the Power and Plane Stupid protested the airport expansion plans at Westminster. Credit: PA
The protesters blocked a mock runway on College Green outside the Houses of Parliament. Credit: PA



Drone flown just metres from Heathrow passenger jet

An example of what the drone could have looked like Credit: ITV News

A drone was flown within a few metres of a passenger jet landing at Heathrow Airport, continuing a recent spate of near-misses.

The pilot of the Airbus A319 stated that the drone may have been just 20 feet above and 25 yards to the left when it passed by the aircraft on September 30th.

Officials said that the drone was flown against Civil Aviation Authority regulations because it did not have permission to be above 400 feet within the Heathrow CTR control zone.

The incident was put in the most serious risk category

High-powered lasers 'should be rebranded as weapons'

High-powered lasers used to attack aircraft over Heathrow should be rebranded as weapons, according to the pilots' union.

Last night a laser was shone directly into the cockpit of a transatlantic flight - affecting the co-pilot so badly that the flight had to be aborted, and flown back to Heathrow.

Aircraft are coming under attack at an alarming rate - and some lasers even have the power to blind.

Senior correspondent Simon Harris reports:

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