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Hackney and Tower Hamlets residents most at risk

London basks in the sun in July last year Credit: Jeff Moore/Empics Entertainment

Scientists from Imperial College London say that in the most vulnerable districts, in London and the southeast, the odds of dying from heart or lung causes increased by more than 10 per cent for every 1C rise in temperature.

Those most at risk areas include more deprived districts of London such as Hackney and Tower Hamlets, with the odds of dying more than doubling on very hot days.


Two miles of new canvas for park deckchairs

Warm weather means more chair wear -- Credit: Royal Parks

When the sun comes out, Londoners head to the parks by the thousand.

But all that extra use has taken its toll on the Royal Parks deckchairs, and there's more hot weather on the way, so 6,720 of them will have their old canvas stripped and recycled into reusable bags. .

That means two miles (4,700 metres) of new canvas has had to be ordered. Enough to stretch from Buckingham Palace to Primrose Hill.


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Paramedics struggling to cope in 'dangerously high' heat

Ambulance crews are struggling to cope in the heatwave as they try to rescue people in "dangerously high" temperatures.

Paramedic Karl Paddison warned that even healthy people can fall foul of hot sun, adding that the London Ambulance Service has to attend to people who have collapsed on a daily basis.

And the the worst effects are being felt by people stuck in lifts, in the capital's Underground, or those who are so burned they have to be admitted to A&E with sun stroke.

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