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Expansion underway for Harry Potter studio tour

The Olton Hall Steam engine, made famous as the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter films Credit: John Giles/PA Archive

Warner Brothers is preparing to unveil a new permanent expansion to the current "Making of Harry Potter" studio tour in Leavesden.

It will feature the original Hogwarts Steam Engine and a recreation of Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

It'll open to the public later this month.



Child hunger having dramatic effect at London schools

A new report released today reveals that child hunger and poverty in London are dramatically affecting children's ability to learn.

More than 80 percent of teachers in London say that children are eating the wrong foods in the morning, and most say they can tell just by watching their behaviour at school.

The report, by charity Magic Breakfast, is part of the 'Feed Their Future' campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the impact of child hunger on education.

The charity's report found that an alarming number of children are not having a healthy breakfast Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

It also found:

  • Over a quarter of London teachers do not believe parents can identify what a nutritious breakfast is
  • Nearly 60% of children also do not know what a nutritious breakfast is
  • 23% of parents living in the city say that food is getting so expensive they have had to cut down on breakfasts
  • Up to 60% of parents let their children eat anything in the morning, just so they eat something
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