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Parents urged to check children's Facebook privacy

Speaking the Evening Standard, Catherine Seale urged parents to make sure their children check their privacy settings on Facebook.

The last thing I told him before I went away was 'don't have any parties'.

They could have been killed. Even though it had been cleaned up when I got back from France, everything felt sticky and dirty and it stunk.

There was vomit in the sitting room, cushions were completely ruined, and the sofa stank for days.

All parents should be warned that this could happen if you go away and leave your 17-year-old alone.


600 Facebook partygoers 'destroy' £1m home

Police were called to a £1 million property in north London to break up a party after 600 people turned up. According to the Evening Standard, the event was advertised on Facebook by a friend of 17-year-old Christopher Seale. He didn't realise the information could be seen by anyone.

Police were called to the property in Highgate after details emerged on Facebook Credit: Press Association

Missing schoolgirl found by member of the public

A schoolgirl who went missing in Highgate Woods has been found safe, police said.

Nine-year-old Rosie James, who had been with her mother in the woods, had arranged to meet her friend nearby but never turned up.

Rosie went missing around 2pm on Friday, but the Met said she was found by a member of the public later that evening and would now be reunited with her family.

A police spokesman said there would not be a criminal investigation into her disappearance.

Nine year-old missing in North London

Rosie James was last seen in Highgate Woods. Credit: Metropolitan Police

Police have launched a search after a nine year-old girl went missing in Highgate Woods in North London.

Rosie James from Hornsey was last seen this afternoon. The Met's helicopter was deployed this evening to try to spot her. Police say her disappearance is out of character.


Man jailed after mugging pensioner

A 91-year-old was in court to see her mugger jailed. Lynne Elmer-Laird suffered a blood clot in her brain. The man who caused her injuries has been put behind bars for 11 years.

Eric Banton violently assaulted the pensioner for the £20 in her purse.

Lynne Elmer-Laird was on her way to the shops in August, when she was robbed in the street by Banton.

She was left with serious injuries and still bears the scars of her ordeal. Rags Martel has been to speak to her, as her attacker was sentenced.

A warning, you may find some of the pictures of the victim's injuries distressing.

Police: Banton deliberately targeted elderly woman

PC Paul Hallas, the investigating officer, of Haringey CID said:

Eric Banton deliberately targeted an elderly woman who, despite being frail from a fall, valued her independence enough to continue to shop and visit places in the local area. He left her on the ground with significant injuries and is lucky she had the resilience to pull through or he could have faced far mores serious charges.

Banton hoped to get away with his crime and it was only through CCTV images released through media appeals that he was identified, subsequently arrested and charged.

Mrs Elmer- Laird has shown tremendous bravery and courage through this ordeal and I hope these strengths will enable her to continue with her full and active life.

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