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HMS Ocean open to public

HMS Ocean passes through the Thames Credit: ITV

The warship helping provide security to the Olympic and Paralympic games is opening to the public today.

The Royal Navy's largest warship, HMS Ocean, has been in London since 13th July playing a key role in providing security to the Olympic Games.

HMS Ocean's Olympic theme Credit: ITV

Moored at the Greenwich Tier buoys during the Paralympics, she is acting as an operating base for Royal Navy Lynx helicopters in support of maritime security operations. She also provides accommodation for over 400 military personnel who are part of the Venue Security Force for Greenwich Park.

Visitors can tour HMS Ocean - moored in Greenwich - between 10am and 4pm.

Security scaled down ahead of the Paralympics

The Ministry of Defence has scaled down its massive Olympic security operation ahead of the Paralympics. RAF Typhoon fighter jets, sniper-carrying helicopters and anti-aircraft missiles have been withdrawn, and a large no-fly zone covering much of south east England has been scrapped.

The only visible sign of military activity will be the continued presense of soldiers on guard duties at Paralympic venues and the Royal Navy helcopter carrier HMS Ocean which remains moored at Greenwich.

HMS Ocean will act as a floating dormitory for military personnel. The ship's Lynx helicopters will continue to patrol the Thames. Defence chiefs say the security plan will remain under constant review.