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Home repairs dispute resolved

ITV News London has intervened to stop an elderly couple in Wickford from being let down by a home repairs company.

The 13-year-old grandson of Jean and Patrck Groves contacted us with his concerns about their home, after a plumbing issue left them with a damp house and thousands of pounds worth of damage.

After refusing to cough up the full amount to fix it all, the company have changed their mind and sent the couple an apology.

Ria Chaterjee has the story.

HomeServe's reply after ITV London inquiry

HomeServe has apologised to Mr and Mrs Groves Credit: HomeServe

We would like to apologise for the inconvenienceand distress caused to Mr and Mrs Groves. Our qualified engineers are committedto providing a high level of customer service and we are sorry to have let Mrand Mrs Groves down in this instance.

We received the quote for the damage last Monday and can confirm we will be paying this in full, as well as compensating the customers for the distress caused.

HomeServe's Chief Executive contacted Mr and Mrs Groves this morning to personally apologise and has committed to following the case through to completion


ITV News help struggling homeowners

Homeserve have agreed to pay for the full repairs to house belonging to two grandparents after their 13-year old grandson got in touch with ITV London. Below is part of his original message to us.

Dear London tonight

I hope you can help. My grandparents are being forced to live in a damp house because a company called homeserve won't fix the disaster they caused to their kitchen.

My grandad has heart trouble and is now not well and my nan has been left trying to look after him as well as travelling to London to see my aunt. She has cancer and has been really ill and for several weeks been on a respirator.

My nan is really worried about getting the kitchen sorted now as Homeserve said it was their fault and would put it right but now are not putting it right and trying to get out of it, which I think isn't very nice from a big company to treat them like this.

ITV London help to tackle HomeServe consumer issue

HomeServe have agreed to pay for the full repairs to house belonging to two grandparents after their 13-year old grandson got in touch with ITV London.

Jean and Patrick Groves had some problems with water in their home just before Christmas, which Homeserve came to fix. It was then she discovered they hadn't repaired the first problem properly and water had been leaking out causing damage to the property.

HomeServe have agreed to pay the full cost of the damage. Credit: HomeServe

The repair quotes they received were all around the £9000. HomeServe said they would not meet the costs but would offer only £2000, which wouldn't even have been enough to fix a small portion of the damage.

Then their 13 year old grandson Ben got in touch with us, and Since receiving a call from us yesterday, Homeserve have pledged to meet the full cost of the necessary repairs and possibly offer additional compensation.