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'Don't take Yashika on the plane', school urges

Yashika Bageerathi's school has called on Air Mauritius to refuse to fly her home after an injunction to keep her in the country was rejected.

A spokesman for Oasis Academy Hadley said: "We thought there was a solid legal case for her to stay while she finished her A-levels. It's worrying the legal system doesn't reflect the heart of the people of this country.

"But the plane hasn't taken off yet. This isn't over until it's over. We now ask Air Mauritius not to take Yashika on the plane.

The spokesman pleaded to the airline: "Don't take her from her family to where she faces danger."

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Yashika to be deportated tonight after failed injunction

Yashika Bageerathi is set to to be flown out of the country at 9pm. Credit: PA

The failed last-ditch application to keep Mauritian student Yashika Bageerathi in the country was made as the 19-year-old was being driven to the airport.

She was being taken from Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre in Bedfordshire to Heathrow airport, and is now set to board an Air Mauritius flight at 9pm.

A Home Office spokeswoman said Ms Bageerathi's case "has gone through the proper legal process and our decision has been supported by the courts on five separate occasions".

In such cases, deportation orders are only stayed if a judge decides the case raises issues which are arguable and merit a further hearing.


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Yashika's lawyers lodge emergency injunction

Lawyers have lodged papers with a judge at London's Law Courts seeking an emergency injunction to block the deportation of Mauritian student Yashika Bageerathi to give her time to take her case to the Court of Appeal.

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Calls for Air Mauritius to refuse to fly A-level student

Hundreds of people have been tweeting and calling Air Mauritius airlines to ask them to refuse to carry 19-year-old student Yashika Bageerathi, due to be deported back to Mauritius later tonight.

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Yashika 'very distressed and worried' by deportation

Mauritian student Yashika Bageerathi is "very distressed and worried" after learning that she will be deported tonight, a spokesman for her school said.

Yashika Bageerathi. Credit: PA

The 19-year-old is being taken from Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre in Bedfordshire to Heathrow airport for an Air Mauritius flight at 9pm.

A spokesman for Oasis Academy Hadley in Enfield, north London, said: "She is on her way in the van but I really hope we can keep her here.

"We're encouraging everyone to tweet Air Mauritius and to phone them to stop this."


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Mauritian student Yashika to be deported tonight

Mauritian student Yashika Bageerathi, 19, is being driven to Heathrow and will be deported tonight, according to a spokesman for the Oasis Academy Hadley in north London where she has been studying.

Yashika Bageerathi has been inside Yarl's Wood Removal Centre awaiting deportation. Credit: PA
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British Airways refused to fly Yashika to Mauritius

British Airways have refused to fly Yashika Bageerathi to Mauritius, the home affairs select committee heard today.

The A-level student is currently inside Yarl's Wood Removal Centre awaiting deportation, despite the campaign to enable her to stay to complete her exams.

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Yashika: I just want to keep working for my A-levels

Detained student Yashika Bageerathi, who is facing deportation to Mauritius along with her family, has appealed to stay in the UK to finish her exams.

Yashika, who attended Oasis Academy Hadley in Enfield, north London, is a "fantastic student" who has been accepted to several universities, her school said.

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Speaking from inside Yarl's Wood, Yashika said she knew how hard she had been working for her A-Levels, and just wanted to do her exams.

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