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Cracknell creates 'monster' rowing team

Monsters University took on Oxford University at Henley Regatta Credit: Disney Pixar

Olympic medallists Zac Purchase, Mark Hunter, Chris Bartley and GB Rowing's Adam Freeman-Pask were brought together for a one-off competition at the Henley Royal Regatta.

James Cracknell put together the team, backed by Disney Pixar Credit: Disney Pixar

The 'Monsters University Rowing Team' was created to take on Oxford University, as part of the promotion of the new Disney Pixar prequel to Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc characters Mike and Sully welcome the team onto dry land Credit: Disney Pixar

The Monster Team celebrated defeating the Oxford side, but Oxford University's Benjamin Walpole was magnanimous in defeat, saying "I don't think there's many student rowers out there who would mind admitting they lost to Team GB."

The team of top rowers was put together as part of a film promotion Credit: Disney Pixar
Monsters by the Thames Credit: Disney Pixar
The teams Credit: Disney Pixar
James Cracknell thanked the Oxford team and said "It's great to get the boys together again" Credit: Disney Pixar


Cracknell says life's tough for former Olympians

James Cracknell (second from right) won gold in the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympics. Credit: REUTERS/Kin Cheung

Double Olympic champion James Cracknell has warned London's Olympians that they may struggle to adjust to ordinary life now the Games are over.

He told the Radio Times that there was a huge-comedown from being at the centre of global attention during the Olympics.

He said: "Now most of the Olympic guys and girls are back training, day after day, in the rain, with only one man and his dog watching,"

"A short time ago you were racing in front of 80,000 people - now there's nobody. And there will be nobody for four years."

Strangely, the fact that Britain won so many gold medals - 29 at the Olympics and 34 at the Paralympics - means that many champions will be forgotten.

"Could you name all 29 gold medal winners from London? I know I couldn't," he said.

"The reality is [some Olympic champions] will need to repeat that [success] in have any chance of picking up a career outside sport when you finish."