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Widow vows to ban glass bottles in bars

A mother of two who lost her husband when he was stabbed with a broken bottle, is vowing to ban glass from nightclubs and pubs. Phillip Sherriff was slashed in the neck at a party in London in April.

His artery was severed, and he died four days later. His widow Jane saw her husband's killer, Ashley Charles - jailed last week - and now she says her focus will be on her 'bottle stop' campaign.She's been talking to our reporter, Ronke Phillips.


VIDEO: Report from day Ashley Charles was convicted

Watch the report by Mel Barham on the day Phillip Sherriff's killer was jailed for at least 14 years.

His widow is now campaigning for glass bottles to be banned from pubs and clubs.

The judge jailed the graphics designer for a split second of madness in a club, which killed the father-of-two.

Both men had travelled to London for a Jessie J gig. Ashley Charles attacked Phillip Sherrif with a broken bottle after some jostling at the bar. The judge said the bottle was a lethal weapon and the victim was a decent man.